Savannah Guthrie Height

I would never put my job before my family.

~ Savannah Guthrie

American broadcast journalist and attorney, Savannah Guthrie is known for being the main co-anchor of the NBC News – morning show Today.

About Savannah Guthrie's Real Height

Savannah Guthrie is really tall -- if she were a man she would have been 6 feet 3 inches tall.

Anyway, Savannah once mentioned her height as 5 feet 10 inches and we think that’s how tall she looks. Like towering Al Roker who is 5 feet 6½” inches tall and standing shoulder to shoulder with Matt Lauer (5’10½”).

Which makes Savannah even taller than the average height of men in the United States. Some other female celebrities who are as tall as Savannah are Gisele Bundchen, Kate Upton, Melissa Peterman, etc.

The height of Savannah Guthrie is

5 ft 10 in (178 cm)

Savannah Guthrie standing with Al Roker and Gwendoline Christie
Savannah Guthrie standing with Al Roker (5 ft 6½ in) and Gwendoline Christie (6 ft 3½ in)

As my mom says, I was a little bit of a slacker in high school. I really was just kind of unmotivated, a little bit lazy, so my grades weren't that good.

~ Savannah Guthrie