Royal Dano Height

Great actor, Royal Dano was in more than 35 movies. He is known for playing cowboys, villains, and of course – Abraham Lincoln.

About Royal Dano's Real Height

One of the requirements for playing Abraham Lincoln is that you must be tall. Royal Dano was tall, just as Benjamin Walker is – it is just that they are both not 6 feet 4 inches tall like Abraham Lincoln was.

Royal Dano’s height as mentioned in newspapers is 6 feet 2 inches. From what we have seen of him, like with Robert J. Wilke (6’2”), and Gary Cooper (6’3”), we think Royal Dano was 6’2” alright.

The height of Royal Dano was

6 ft 2 in (188 cm)

Royal Dano mugshot
Big Royal Dano

Here are 'Royal' quotes from his movies

Drawing lightning.

Some folks draw lightning to them as a cat sucks in a baby's breath.

No sir-siring.

Don't call me sir! I ain't no politician!

Being 170-year-old...

Look at me. I'm a 170-year-old fart. I'm a goddamn zombie.

Being a magician.

I am a magician, you sons of bitches. You can't kill me!