Oleksandr Usyk Height

Physical pain is temporary.

Ukrainian professional boxer, Oleksandr Usyk is certainly one of the best heavyweight boxers of our time.

He has held multiple world championships in two weight classes, including the unified WBA (Super), IBF, and WBO heavyweight titles since 2021, and the Ring magazine heavyweight titles since 2022.

Previously he held the undisputed cruiserweight championship from 2018 to 2019, being the first boxer in that division to hold all four major world titles, which makes him a special boxer.

About Oleksandr Usyk's Real Height

Oleksandr Usyk is tall but still somewhat short if considered with the modern heavyweight boxers' size. The biggest thing in heavyweight boxing -- Tyson Fury is almost 6'8". Deontay Wilder (almost 6'7") and Anthony Joshua (almost 6'6") are not far behind.

Oleksandr is small by comparison (Andy Ruiz Jr. is even shorter but considerably heavier). Usyk used to be cruiserweight after all.

Anyway, Oleksandr Usyk's official height is 6 feet 3 inches. Though other, more reliable sources put his height as 6 feet 2 inches. And we can see the reasoning behind this listing.

Oleksandr certainly looked more than 3 inches shorter than Anthony Joshua in their face-offs and battles.

The real height of Oleksandr Usyk is

6'2½" or 189 cm

Oleksandr Usyk standing with Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury
Oleksandr Usyk standing with Anthony Joshua (6'6") and Tyson Fury (6'7½")

Oleksandr Usyk is a special person, as evident by quotes like these

On his mom's advice.

My mom said to me: 'Sonny, you need to study English.' And I replied to her: 'Mom, I do not need it. I'm going to be horse-boy, would I speak English with horses?' Mom said: 'Darling, you need to.' But I did not listen to my mother.

On people.

I absolutely do not divide people into any religions, creeds, or political views.

On Muhammad Ali trophy.

The fight for the Muhammad Ali trophy is about the best fighting the best.

Who he really is?

I am an athlete, a warrior.

On being a Ukrainian.

I am Ukrainian and fighting like a Ukrainian.

How to be great at something.

If you want to be great in what you're doing, you really need to limit yourself, so I consider my life as the life of a monk.

Can boxers laugh?

Some people think a boxer is a gloomy guy with this heavy brow who always has to be serious. But why can't you laugh a bit, make a joke?

On goals.

We need to put goals in front of us and move toward them.

On Britain.

I like Britain because that is where boxing was born.

On heavyweight division.

I am interested in the heavyweight division, and I'll tell you why: Many experts say that I shouldn't go up in weight, that I'm too small for it. My size does not allow me to be victorious in this division.

On missing the ring.

I miss the ring and look forward to hearing the opening bell ring again.

What hurts him the most?

The most that hurts is I couldn't see my kids growing up. They grow and go. Most of the time, I'm in training camps. I couldn't see that happening. This hurts me.

On Olympics.

The Olympics is still my greatest achievement... I have many belts, but there is only one Olympic gold.

People who don't believe in him.

A lot of people don't believe in me. They think I'm too small for heavyweight. Just like a lot of people told me long ago that I shouldn't box. That I wasn't going to make it. I just knock my head and say I'm capable. I can do it.

His biggest motivation.

The biggest motivation for me is my desire to be the best.

What he wants.

I want to relax and spend time with my family.

Fighting for his people.

I live in Ukraine with my family. I love my country, family, friends, people. I fight for them. I fight for Ukraine.

Soft vs. hard.

If you put a person in a training gym made out of entire gold, it doesn't guarantee that this person will become a champion. But if you put a person in the basement, then there is a high chance that he will get out of this basement as a champion.

His toughest opponent.

The toughest opponent is me. A lot of times, you don't want to train. You don't want to box. Sometimes, life hits you to the point where you don't even want to live. You have to fight with that person. You have to make yourself wake up in the morning. You have to make yourself watch your weight. That's how I fight with that person.