Lamar Odom Height

I did some things I regret, and I know there are people who think they know me. I've heard the things they say, and some of them are hurtful.

American former professional basketball player, Lamar Odom is one big man. Khloe Kardashian who is a big woman herself at 5ft 8 ½, looked like a small girl next to him. 

About Lamar Odom's Real Height

Lamar's height is listed as 6 feet 10 inches nearly everywhere on the internet -- though in some places, it is 6 feet 9 inches.

From what we have seen of Lamar, like Kobe Bryant (6’5”), or LeBron James (nearly 6’8”), we think Lamar's real height could be between those two above-mentioned numbers.

The real height of Lamar Odom is

6 ft 9¼ in (206.5 cm)

Lamar Odom mugshot
Lamar Odom -- standing tall and proud.

Here are some more honest Lamar Odom quotes

On bad things.

My grandma always said bad things don't last forever.

On our environment.

We're all products of our environment. The key is not to fall.

Play with...

You've got to play with pride and guts.

you can or you cannot...

Either you can do it or you can't. I think I can overcome anything I put my mind to.

The power of perception.

Perception rules the world. Everyone knows that. Where we live and where we're from, you just can't escape it.

Being on the court [basketball].

When I'm on the court, it's like I'm in heaven.

On his grandmother.

My grandmother was always upbeat, a naturally happy person. I think I got that from her.

On mentality.

I've got a winner mentality, the mentality of a champion.

On the young men of the inner city.

The young men in the inner city are without guidance, robbing and shooting each other with no remorse... Our system is crazy because we're planning to fail. Everybody needs something to grasp onto.

Being a role model.

I'm a role model. I have overcome the negativity, and I'm playing.

On his mother and granny.

I've always been taught to care what other people think. My grandmother and mother taught me to project a positive image of myself.

Being hungry.

You want to remain hungry and stay in a good place as a competitor; at the same time, you want to be confident but not cocky. You have to realize that you can lose. We have to stay hungry because losing is the worst thing that can happen now. That's a road we don't want to go down.