Kesha Height

You have to have a sense of humor about life to get through it.

~ Kesha

Famous singer and songwriter, Ke$ha is known for her singles such as "Tik Tok", "Blah Blah Blah", "Your Love Is My Drug", "Take It Off", "Blow", "My First Kiss", "We R Who We R", among many others.

About Kesha's Real Height

Ke$ha is also known for her height. She once mentioned her height as 5 feet 9 inches -- which is the average height of men in the United States.

After taking a careful look at Kesha, especially with the likes of Nikki Minaj (5'2"), Rihanna (5'8"), and some others, we think that Ke$ha might be a bit shorter than her claim.

Perhaps, she measured her height with sneakers on? As is the case with most other celebrities.

Anyway, this makes Kesha a very tall female singer -- an inch taller than someone like Justin Bieber (5'7½") and an inch shorter than Taylor Swift (5'9½").

The real height of Kesha is

5 ft 8½ in (174 cm)

Kesha standing in front of a height chart

Here are some more Kesha quotes

Kesha on her imperfections.

I embrace the imperfections and celebrate them.

On embarrassment.

I don't get embarrassed.

Her advice.

Be yourself. Unapologetically.


I'm pretty sure that I was JFK in my past life.

On Karma.

I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes to everybody, that's all you're going to get back.

On expensive things.

You don't have to carry a designer bag that costs more than a car to look cool.

On her work ethic.

I wouldn't have a No. 1 record or song if I wasn't a hardworking person.

Her advice to young people.

I don't want young people to think they can't make a difference because they don't have money.

On money.

There is no correlation between happiness and the amount of money.

Kesha the maneater.

I do destroy men on a weekly basis. It's like a hobby. I'm like a praying mantis.

On having fun.

I think people need to have fun with whatever they're doing - makeup, their clothes, music, live shows - anything you don't need to take too seriously, don't take too seriously.

On the transgender community.

I am a huge fan of the transgender community.

On gay men.

I just think that gay men have much better taste than any straight man I have met. I have never gotten any grief about having a good time, being unapologetic, and irreverent from a gay man.

On the creepy old dudes.

I love creepy old dudes. I love that they have so much self-confidence, despite having no evidence whatsoever to back it up.

Her love of beards.

I'm obsessed with beards. First of all, beards make you look like more of an animal. Second, I kind of like biting beards; it's a pastime of mine. And when I make out with a dude who has a beard - who are the only kinds of dudes I make out with - then my glitter gets stuck in their beards, and then no other chick will make out with them for at least three days.