Joe Gatto Height

Famous comedian, actor, and producer, Joe Gatto is best known for the hit TV shows Impractical Jokers and The Misery Index.

About Joe Gatto's Height

Improvisational comedian Joe Gatto’s 'official' height, as on IMDb is 5 feet 10 inches. From what little we have seen of him, we suppose he must be close to the mark.

The real height of Joe Gatto is

5 ft 10 in (178 cm)

Joe Gatto mugshot
Joe Gatto with a million-dollar smile

Here are some more Joe Gatto quotes

On not getting embarrassed.

I don't really get embarrassed because my whole life has been one big embarrassment.

In the absence of girls.

When there are no girls around, there's humor.

[They make do with humor when there are no girls around].

Stories about his dogs.

I was at home with my family and have a house full of puppies, and my cousin mentioned that with all the stories I have about my dogs, it might be a cool opportunity to make a memoir of sorts.

On his show Impractical Jokers.

Literally, our show is friendship on display. It's not a written comedy show. It's not a reality show. It's just four friends making each other laugh. And who doesn't enjoy watching people enjoy their friends?

Just friends.

Tell me one friend you haven't looked at with hatred and then hugged the next day.

The first joke.

The first thing we ever filmed was, we had to eat off people's plates like we just walked over and took something. We thought we would get punched.

On his show.

Well 'Impractical Jokers' isn't really a prank show, because the joke is on us. We make ourselves look like idiots in front of the public. So the public is mostly confused about what is happening.

Being honest.

Always be honest with your feelings, and don't let stuff build up.

Playing with his daughter.

Playing with my daughter, I sat down because I couldn't chase her anymore and she said, 'Please, Daddy. I love playing with you' and I couldn't catch my breath. I just couldn't. I was heaving, trying to catch my breath, and looking at my adorable little girl with her puppy dog eyes pleading with her father to play.

On traditional prank shows.

We didn't like to do the traditional prank show where we felt bad for people having jokes pulled on them.