Jeannie Mai Height

 I learned that you can never ever have enough quality time with Mom.

American television host and stylist, Jeannie Mai is probably best known for her work on the makeover show “How Do I Look?” and the syndicated daytime talk show “The Real”.

About Jeannie Mai's Real Height

Jeannie Mai thinks she is short. Here is what she has to say about her stature.

I used to hate being short.

But how short is she referring to here?

Well, she once mentioned her height on Twitter as 5 feet 4 inches -- which isn't that short. In fact, if anything, it is slightly taller than the average height of women in the United States.

But the real question here is Jeannie really 5'4"? From what we have seen of her we think she looks a bit shorter than that.

The real height of Jeannie Mai is

5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Jeannie Mai mugshot
Jeannie Mai with her radiant smile.

Here are some more Jeannie Mai quotes.

The best type of fabrics.

Loose, breathable fabrics are great... choose brands that have soft blazers such as loose linen or cotton - it doesn't have to be a structured blazer with shoulder pads.

Technology and human trafficking.

Technology's role in human trafficking cannot be ignored. But if we focus on how to prevent human trafficking, technology also has a powerful role. Like Ashton Kutcher's app Thorn, which directly spots human trafficking and connects you with officials.

On men's ankles.

I always say, men's ankles are kind of like men's version of cleavage. That's what I think, because it's sexy. It shows, like, you dare to go there.

On Lake Como.

I recently learned that Lake Como is one of the most romantic places two people could go. That beautiful great lake is a majestic reminder that love is unconditional when you flow and nourish one another, constantly and unconditionally, like water.

What changes people.

People say money changes people. So does ego and so does social media. And so does the press. I think that all of that is mixed in between - you really gotta keep yourself grounded.

On her mom.

So my mom really taught me to be fearless and I love her! She's just so much fun! She is completely the reason why I am a personality and a success to myself today.

The green movement.

I believe the green movement is gaining momentum because people are becoming more educated about the real importance of living green.

On feeling good and sexy.

Feeling good about your body and feeling sexy comes from within, not from a number on the scale.

On her goal.

My goal is to develop curves on my body.

On giving alimony.

I was married to someone who had more money than me, but because I was the stronger earner and we lived in California - a shocking thing slapped me in the face when we divorced and I had to end up paying him my earnings.

Attraction at first sight.

Some people are really, really attracted to looks first, or money, or things like that.

On summer.

Summer is always a great time to have fun with beauty and fashion and celebrate our changing looks.

Learning the hard way.

One thing he always said, and I love this quote and I really believe it, my ex said, 'You don't truly know a person until they don't get what they want. That's when they show you who they are.' You wouldn't think that the person you were married to and were with for 10 years and who taught you the quote would be the best number one example to prove it.