Christopher Meloni Height

If you try hard enough, you can bend the spoon; you can shift reality.

American actor, Christopher Meloni is perhaps best known for his television roles as NYPD Detective Elliot Stabler on the NBC legal drama Law & Order: Special Victims and its spin-off Law & Order: Organized Crime.

About Christopher Meloni's Real Height

Christopher Meloni is tall but not too tall. In an interview with NPR, he mentioned his height and weight:

If anything, I'm the worst bouncer to have because I'm 6 feet, about 200 [lb]. So you know, I'm big, but not, you know - I'm not towering. You know, I'm not - you know, you look at me, and I'm the perfect size for most guys to go, well, you're not that big. Oh, you think you're tough?

Not everyone who claims to be 6 feet tall is actually 6 feet tall but after looking at Christopher Meloni, we think that he is. Btw, he sure looks tough...

The real height of Christopher Meloni is

6 ft (183 cm)

Christopher Meloni mugshot
Christopher Meloni looking big and tough.

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If you work.

It ain't easy to break out of a mold, but if you do your work, people will ultimately see what you're capable of. Too often, people find it easier to make assumptions and stick with what they believe. They put you in a place and it makes their job easier. Good people constantly search for something different.

Being childlike.

You can be childlike without being childish. A child always wants to have fun. Ask yourself, 'Am I having fun?'

Going deep.

If you take life at face value, it loses its luster pretty quickly. If you go after it, you get more out of it.

On surrogate agencies.

We went online to surrogacy agencies. We interviewed lots of people - and I have to say, with all due respect, some of them were freaks. I was very leery of the process the whole way through.

On fatherhood.

The surprising thing about fatherhood was finding my inner mush. Now I want to share it with the world.

In Irish air.

My first thought when I came here was that I understood why there are so many great Irish writers - because there is something mystical in the air. There's always this cloudy, moody sky and it's challenging.

On his wife.

My wife has brought great beauty into my life. And my daughter has brought me nothing but joy. Those qualities were greatly lacking.

On sincerity.

I never find sincerity offensive... so, be sincere.

On his dream.

I still have a dream of one day - I would love to hire a semi-retired contractor and just build a house - him and I building a house for me. I would truly love to do that.

Getting 'his' good luck.

If I could only get people to rub my belly for good luck and then throw money in my fountain, it'd be a perfect world.

On his love of acting.

I really love to act; I love everything about it. I've never had this addiction to being known. I mean, sure, if you go into acting, there's part of you that is saying, 'I want attention' but I was brought up to work to deserve attention, and it is the work, not the trappings that are important.

On his children.

I love my children beyond all reason. They're my joy, even when they're wild with kid energy.

Being recognized.

It's great to be recognized when I'm looking for a table at a crowded restaurant, but I still don't put it to the best use. I'm such a lump. I won't cut the line. It's my Catholic guilt. I gotta get used to it.

On art.

I take this art very seriously and passionately. I love what I do. You can't help but grow. That's not to say you don't make mistakes or make bad choices, but that's part of the art. Painters paint bad paintings.