Chris Tucker Height

Making people laugh is giving, and it's healing, too, when people can go up to the movies and forget about their problems. It's a good thing. That's why I want to work.

Famous actor and comedian, Chris Tucker has appeared in movies such as “Friday”, “The Fifth Element”, and "Jackie Brown”, best perhaps he is best known for playing Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour movie series.

About Chris Tucker's Real Height

Chris Tucker is tall. His official height is 6 feet 1 inch and he sort of looked like it in his movies, especially next to 5 feet 8½ inches tall Jackie Chan.

We took a careful look at Chris and compared his height to that of people like Michael Jackson (5’9”), Bradley Cooper (6’½”), Will Smith (6’1½”), Samuel L. Jackson (6’2”), and now we think that Chris might just be slightly below the 6'1" mark on a stadiometer.

Which makes him just as tall as Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Henry Cavill, etc.

The real height of Chris Tucker is

6 ft ½ in (184 cm)

Chris Tucker standing with Sylvester Stallone and Brad Pitt
Chris Tucker standing with Sylvester Stallone (5 ft 9 inch tall in his prime) and Brad Pitt (5 ft 11 in)

Here are some more Chris Tucker quotes


Just believe in yourself and work really hard. And when doors open, take advantage of every opportunity you can.

Where is the money?

You loan your friend money. You see them again, they don't say nothin' 'bout the money. 'Hi, how ya doin'? How's ya mama doing?' Man, how's my money doin'?

Decisions in life.

One thing about me, when I make a decision about something, I realize when you make choices in life, that dictates your life.

How he started as a comedian.

I told a joke and people laughed and it was the best feeling. I knew I wanted to do this as a career. I never knew I could get such a high from telling a joke. There's something so extraordinary about having people listening to you and hanging onto your words - it's a great feeling.

On his stand-up.

I will always do stand-up, even if my acting career takes off. Stand-up is my life.

On comedy.

It takes intelligence to make a real comedy, and it takes a reality base to create all that little stuff I like to do that makes you giggle inside.

How to do comedy?

Comedy comes from a place of hurt. Charlie Chaplin was starving and broke in London, and that's where he got his character 'the tramp' from. It's a bad situation that he transformed into a comedic one.