Chris Messina Height

Nothing is as it seems; everything is as you allow it to be.

~ Chris Messina

American actor and director, Chris Messina has appeared in many movies, but he is perhaps best known for starring as Danny Castellano in the Fox/Hulu romantic comedy series The Mindy Project.

About Chris Messina's Real Height

Chris Messina looks kind of short on the screen. He has an uncanny habit of getting towered over by most people around him -- except of course Mandy Kaling, but Mindy is not even 5'3" -- so there is that.

You can find Chris Messina's height listed on the internet as anywhere from 5 feet 7 inches to 5’9”. From what we have seen of Chris, we would have guessed his height to be closer to 5’7” – but from the southern side.

So Chris Messina is just as tall as Tom Holland!

The real height of Chris Messina is

5 ft 6½ in (169 cm)

Chris Messina standing in front of a height chart
Chris Messina

I was so bad in school that acting gave me some kind of identity and gave me a home.

~ Chris Messina