Brenton Thwaites Height

I don't like wearing suits all the time. I don't like looking like the clean-cut kind of dude. I think the coolest guys are the ones who dress how they want to dress.

Famous Australian actor, Brenton Thwaites is known for his work in movies such as “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening”, “Oculus”, “Gods of Egypt”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. He has also gained recognization for his role as Dick Grayson / Robin / Nightwing in the DC Universe / HBO Max series "Titans".

About Brenton Thwaites' Real Height

Brenton Thwaites looks tall in his movies.

Perhaps that’s why Google and many other websites on the internet used to list his height as 6 feet 2 inches. But Brenton himself only claimed to be 6 feet tall.

From what we have seen of Brenton (like with someone like Karen Gillian – 5’10”), we think he looks within that range – but just on the southern side.

The height of Brenton Thwaites is

5 ft 11½ in (182 cm)

Brenton thwaites standing with Daniel Radcliffe and Bradley Cooper
Brenton thwaites standing with Daniel Radcliffe (5 ft 4½ in) and Bradley Cooper (6 ft ½ in)

Here are some more of Brenton Thwaites' quotes

On movies.

Every movie has its uniqueness. You just do your best and go with it.

When not acting.

When I'm not acting, I'm at the beach. I like to spend a lot of time in the water, surfing.

The funny thing about movies.

You know what's funny about movies? You can watch one, and then you watch it again at a different stage in your life, and you understand different messages from the same film.

On different arts.

I enjoy so many different art forms; I don't just want to focus on acting. I love music. I love writing stories. And you need solitude to figure out your next step.

The famous thing.

I haven't had the whole famous thing happen to me yet, and I hope I never will. I like to sneak away in the corners and hide a lot.