Rhett & Link Height

People want to know if Rhett McLaughlin is really 6 feet 7 inches tall -- at least based on Google searches (they also want to know how rich he is).

Close enough, Rhett once mentioned his height as 6 feet 6½ inches, and based on what we have seen him (like with a 6 feet 5 inches tall Kobe Bryant), we think if he had claimed to be 6'7" -- we would have believed him as well.

About Link's Height

If Link looks like a shrimpy guy to you, it is only because he is next to a giant like Rhett all the time. Link is thought to be 6 feet tall and he looks like it -- as evident by the picture below too.

The real height of Rhett is

6 ft 6½ (200 cm)

The real height of Link is

6 ft (183 cm)

Rhett and Link height comparison
Rhett & Link -- a masterclass study about human height.

Here are some fine quotes from these fine gentlemen.

Link on having muscles.

Just 'cause you got muscles doesn't mean you're not a dummy!

Rhett on not being able to make babies.

I can't make babies anymore but I can have FUN!

Link on what happens when you eat a lot of fiber.

That is a reliable dookie maker, just like me when I've eaten my fiber.

Rhett and Link on dreaded herpes.

I kind of want herpes! ‘I can help you with that.

Link on Davin.

Davin, have you been wiping your butt with eggs again?

Rhett on his love of yellow.

I’m gonna pick yellow because I was born with jaundice.

Link on the color blue.

I’m gonna pick blue because I’m sexually frustrated

Link on his bum.

I’ve had deep heat on the bum.

Rhett on older and younger ladies.

I thought the older ladies liked me and the younger ladies liked you and I thought that we were good.

Rhett on pretending to be Link's wife.

I could pretend to be your wife if you want me to.