Elton John Height

Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.

Iconic English singer and songwriter, Elton John is known as one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

About Elton John's Musical Height

Anyone who is familiar with Elton Jones knows the singer's penchant for wearing platform shoes in his heyday -- such shoes that would have made Lady Gaga blush (not really).

But why did Elton used to do that? Well, in his own words:

I hate being short.

Elton John had also mentioned in the past that he was 5 feet 8 inches tall -- which is not that short but seems more or less the case in reality.

Though now in his seventies, Elton can be forgiven for losing some height due to age. Arnold Schwarzenegger who is the same age as Elton has lost 2.5 inches since his prime. Elton has but lost an inch.

Though Mick Jagger, who is 4 years older than Elton seems to have lost barely any height.

The height of Elton John is

5 feet 6½ in (169 cm)

Height in his prime was

5 ft 7½ in (171.5 cm)

Elton John standing with Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift
Elton John standing with Bruno Mars (5'4") and Taylor Swift (5'9½")

Here are a few more of Elton John's musical quotes.

How to get noticed?

Unless you show off you're not going to get noticed.

A bridge is better than a wall.

Better to build a bridge than a wall.

On people.

Don't judge the picture by the frame, every man is not the same.

Live for the moment.

Live for each second without hesitation.

People around you...

Once you have people around you who don't question you, you're in a dangerous place.

On love and truth.

Love is the key we must turn, truth is the flame we must burn.

Songs with emotions.

If you write great songs with meaning and emotion, they will last forever because songs are the key to everything.

On Elvis Presley.

Ask anyone. If it hadn't been for Elvis, I don't know where popular music would be. He was the one that started it all off, and he was definitely the start of it for me.

Being optimistic.

I have an optimistic view of everything. You have to, otherwise, you'd go nuts.

Being gae.

I am the most well-known homosexual in the world.

Talk less, do more.

The less I say the more my work gets done.

Feeling like an outsider.

I never thought of myself as being handsome or good-looking or whatever. I always felt like an outsider.

Changing your mind.

I grew up conservative because my mum was a conservative, and when I finally realized what conservatives were, I changed my mind immediately. As children, we tend to copy our parents.

On harsh criticism.

I'm not everybody's cup of tea. But sometimes criticism can be hurtful. Be respectful.

His view on different kinds of sexualities.

I think people should be free to engage in any sexual practices they choose; they should draw the line at goats, though.

In his childhood.

As a child, and as a teenager, I was kind of not allowed to wear fashionable clothes.

On the other uses of the guitar.

I've always wanted to smash a guitar over someone's head. You just can't do that with a piano.

On children.

Everything I thought I'd hate about having children - the crying, the screaming - nothing fazes me. I love it all, and it is relaxing for me.

On art.

I'm lucky enough and wealthy enough to be able to buy photographs and buy art that inspires me from day to day. I don't want a Picasso on my wall; it's great art, but it's dead art to me. I'd rather have a photograph by someone I've never heard of that really inspires me.