Ralph Macchio Height

I lead a unique existence as someone who is famous for being young on film, or young in the minds of everyone.

While researching Ralph Macchio's height, we discovered a curious fact -- the man is blessed with some seriously good genetics. How not so? When at the ripe age of 60, Ralph looks a decade or two younger.

And it has been like this for him, all his life. We are not the first to notice this as well, you can find many articles on the web about how Ralph Macchio doesn't age.

When the original Karate Kid movie was being made the producers were looking for a young-looking actor for playing the character of Daniel LaRusso. They discovered Ralph and cast him because at the age of 22 he looked like 15.

Even the crew of the movie was shocked to learn that Ralph is actually 22. But at the production of the movie, the studio executives got another shock -- that Ralph looks even younger, and that it would be stretching out reality too much for such a young kid to become the national karate champion. Though the movie was made anyway and the rest is history.

Ralph Macchio not only looked young for his age, but he was also short for his age. As hard as it is to believe, Ralph didn't actually finish growing until he was 25 or so. Why do we think so? Because in The Karate Kid Ralph didn't look any taller than 5'8". Then at the age of 24, a magazine listed Ralph's height as 5 feet 8 and a half inches and he looked that tall.

But now when we look at Ralph Macchio, we see a 5 feet 9 inches tall man.

The real height of Ralph Macchio is 

5'9" or 175 cm

Ralph Macchio standing with Tom Cruise and Chris Hemsworth
Ralph Macchio with Tom Cruise (almost 5'8"), and Chris Hemsworth (6'3")

The Karate Kid has things to say, heed him to your benefit:

Ralph Macchio on the importance of having a sense of humor.

To me, in life, if you have a sense of humor about it, that's how you deal with anything.

Ralph Macchio on bullying.

Bullying happens at all ages and levels.

Ralph Macchio on the other belt.

What kind of belt do you have?

Ralph Macchio on a great movie.

There's little that compares with the thrill of a hit major motion picture experience.

Ralph Macchio on the old-fashioned way of dealing with a bully.

People's behavior is not always changed based on a loss. I remember my dad or my uncle used to say, 'If that guy's picking on you, punch him once in the face, and he'll never come back again.' I don't know how true that is.

Ralph Macchio on taking only as much load as you can carry.

The truth is, you have a much richer life if you somehow lead one that you can hold together.

Ralph Macchio on the amazing feeling of movies.

Movies will always be movies, and you can never replace that feeling of when the lights go down and the image comes up.

Ralph Macchio on the effect of work on him.

As long as I'm creating, I am happy... whether directing, producing, writing, or acting.

Ralph Macchio on the importance of having a strong work ethic.

My father owned some Laundromats, and when I was 10, he had me in there making change and being an attendant. He taught me that on weekends, you had to get up and go to work. That has been a big help in acting.

Ralph Macchio on not being shrewd.

Sometimes I wish I was more shrewd.

Ralph Macchio on what kind of man he is.

My wife and kids maybe beg to differ, but I am generally a good guy.

Ralph Macchio on The Karate Kid.

I still feel that the original 'Karate Kid' is a great piece of work that has stood the test of time. It's a bit of soulful magic.