Kaia Gerber Height

I like math, which sounds really nerdy.

American model and actress Kaia Gerber's height is a curious one. She is a tall woman -- no doubt about that (she is a model after all).

But is she as tall as reported? Dailymail.co.uk once reported that both Kaia and her mom (Cindy Crawford) are about 6 feet tall. Though that was just the usual bullshit from Dailymail. Here is what Kaia has to say about her mom's size.

My mom and I aren't the same size. She's a bit taller. And we're not the same shoe size either, which is heartbreaking.

Anyway, Kaia's modeling agency lists her at a stately 5 feet 9.5 inches. Cindy Crawford is very tall at a bit over 5'9" but certainly not 6 feet!

Kaia herself has only claimed to be 5 feet nine 9 tall, and after taking a careful look at her, we think that she knows her height a bit better than her modeling agency or Dailymail after all.

The real height of Kaia Gerber is

5'8½" or 174 cm

Kaia Gerber with Justin Bieber and Ireland Baldwin
Kaia Gerber with Justin "The Just" Bieber (5'7½") and Ireland "The Tall" Baldwin (6")

Here is some more Kaia Gerber quotes.

Real life in general.

People expect you to be doing something cool all the time. In normal life, that's not happening!

Showing her real side.

I try to keep my social media really close to my personality. Then people can see exactly who I am and what I like to say and the message I want to bring.

Nobody is perfect.

Unless they're superhuman, nobody's going to look perfect all the time.

On her mom.

My mom is very much about 'less is more.' She showed me how to use makeup to enhance your beauty but not to change my face, which I think is important.

On her mother's teachings.

She teaches me to be kind, and punctual... and to stand up for myself. And when I think about it, aren't these things every mother should teach their daughter?

Her mother's teachings about modeling.

A lot of people ask me what my mom has taught me about modeling. The truth is the things she teaches me to go deeper than what pose to make or what my good side is.

What she likes about modeling.

My favorite thing about being a model is the people that I meet. I don't think there's any other job where you get to learn so many things about so many different people. I just love forging new relationships.

Her love of breakfast.

I'm passionate about breakfast. I wake up hungry, so I always eat a bagel.

On her eyebrows.

I just don't touch my brows! Hopefully, leaving them be will pay off so that I still have them in the future.

Femme power.

I'm inspired by people embracing their feminine power and just being who they truly are and not being afraid to express themselves.

On her parents.

I think I'm a bit more of a rule-breaker than my mom. She's very sweet and very worried. She was valedictorian. I think I got a little bit of an edgier side from my dad.

On her brother Presley Walker Gerber.

As my brother and I get older and busier, I really cherish the time we spend together.