Jessica Simpson Height

It's been hard, but I've finally come to the realization that it's okay to not be perfect.

Singer, actress, and fashion designer, Jessica Simpson is known for her singles such as ''I Wanna Love You Forever", "When You Told Me You Love Me", "I think I'm in Love With You", etc.

Jessica Simpson's height is a matter of some interest. Why? It may only be because people think she looks a lot shorter than her official height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Jessica Simpson simply doesn't look 5'4" tall -- she has got the proportions of a far shorter woman.

Google says that she is 5'3", where Google pulls its data from is anyone's guess but it seems that this time they have finally hit the mark -- or at least come close to the reality.

We took a careful look at Jessica Simpson and compared her height to a number of celebrities (like Mila Kunis, who is 5'4"), and now we think that Jessica can look 5'3" but only in sneakers.

The height of Jessica Simpson is

5'2½" or 159 cm

Jessica Simpson standing with Cardi B and Karlie Kloss
Jessica Simpson with Cardi B (5'1") and Karlie Kloss (6'1½")

Here is some more Jessica Simpson quotes.

On the secret of success.

Be original. The world will try to fit you into a mold, but carve your own path.

On marriage.

A marriage doesn't have to be perfect, but you can be perfect for each other.

Appreciating your life.

Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. So just appreciate it. I feel like in our world today, we focus on so many things that are completely pointless.

But they do have a glow.

People always say that pregnant women have a glow. And I say it's because you're sweating to death.

Purpose of sadness.

Every tear should live its purpose. Don't ever wipe the reason away.

On motherhood.

Motherhood is a dream. It really is absolutely amazing.

Being disappointed in someone near to you.

There's nothing worse than being disappointed in somebody.

First love, lasting memory.

First love is only once in a lifetime, and it remains only in memory.

On enjoying life.

That's what I need from everybody right now - enjoy life with me.

What others think of you.

I don't have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business.

What else is needed in a relationship?

I've learned that sometimes love is not enough. You can have a soul mate and be madly in love with that person, but it's not necessarily enough. I think you have to have personalities that mesh well. You have to be the yin to their yang. You also have to be open to figuring things out together and communicating even when it's the last thing you want to do.