Finn Wolfhard Height

Talented actor, Finn Wolfhard has appeared in movies like "It", "It: Chapter Two", "The Goldfinch", etc, but perhaps he is best known for his role as Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series "Stranger Things".

Finn Wolfhard was still growing the last time we looked at him. As of writing this, he is 19 years old and some people just don't stop growing until 21.

So his height might change yet -- if he got a late growth spurt...

Anyway, Finn Wolfhard once mentioned his height on Twitter that he recently measured himself barefoot and that he is 5 feet 10.5 inches tall.

From what we have seen of him we might also have guessed his height to be within that range.

The height of Finn Wolfhard is

5'10½" or 179 cm

Finn Wolfhard standing with Jason Momoa and Justin Bieber
Finn Wolfhard with Jason Momoa (6'4") and Justin Bieber (5'7½")

Finn Wolfhard is a promising actor, here are some of his promising quotes.

No, it doesn't sound cheesy at all.

It's going to sound cheesy, but if I have family and friends I don't really care where I am.

On his family.

I was raised in a household where kids' opinions were just as valued as adults and I think that was important for me.

On his parents.

My parents are great. On every job, my whole family and I try to get as many breaks as I can.

Carrie is a scary book.

I read 'Carrie' when I was younger and that's one of my favorite books.

Couldn't agree more with you there.

Sewer rats are really gross.

On the meaning of his name.

It's my given, full name. Finn's not short for anything; it's just Finn Wolfhard. And then Wolfhard means, I think, the heart of the wolf in German.

Finn on his alternative career.

I'm good at reading people. If I wasn't an actor, I would be a psychologist.

Oh, there are a lot of people Finn.

I mean if anyone's comfortable being famous, they're a psychopath.