Chris Paul Height

I've been fortunate to be short my entire life. There's only one position I've ever had to play, and that's a point guard. So I've always had to be that leader. And that was my job: you know, to talk.

Famous basketball player Chris Paul or CP3, is known for playing for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA.

Where Chris Paul's height is concerned there is actually no mystery about it whatsoever, unlike some other NBA players. Chris Paul's draft combine anthro height (without shoes) listed on the NBA website is 5 feet 11.75 inches and weight at 176.2 lb. With such an exact listing, there can be no doubt that he was at least measured carefully and precisely.

The real height of Chris Paul is

5'11¾" or 182 cm

Chris Paul standing with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James
Chris Paul with Kyrie Irving (6'1½"), and LeBron James (6'7½")

Here are a few more Chris Paul quotes.

Being small (for NBA).

I'm a little brother. I've always been small. People have said I have a Napoleon complex. But I've always had to fight for everything that I have.

The most valuable thing.

I always have said that the most valuable thing I have isn't money; it's my time.


I play basketball to win a championship. That championship is everything to me. And that's what gets people to buy into your brand - being a winner.

Who he is.

No matter where you put me, I don't care if it is North Carolina, Florida, California, New York City; I'm going to be who I am.

Other cultures.

One of the things you learn when you go overseas is how much a lot of the countries overseas really just like to enjoy life.


You don't always have to be a leader and be as vocal as I am. I'm sure some people would love it if I didn't talk as much as I did.

Best mate.

Most of the time, if you ask a kid who's their best friend, it's usually a classmate or their neighbor or something, but for me, it was my granddad. Everybody knew him - they called him Mr. Jones.

Loving other people.

I love people. I hate to be by myself.

Hip-hop culture.

I don't care what anybody says, there's nothing like the cultural influence of hip-hop. For me, hip-hop culture is involved in everything - it's in me, in who I am, in how I dress, how I talk. It's in my son and my wife.

His ability to dunk.

I can dunk! I can dunk, and not just in NBA Live.