Ron DeSantis Height

My actions will speak louder than words.

American politician, Ron DeSantis is serving as the 46th governor of Florida since January 2019. He is widely considered the future of the Republican Party -- for a reason.

Is Ron DeSantis short? Unfortunately for his political opponents -- he is not. Though he does look short sometimes -- it probably has to do with his body type -- he is built like a keg of beer.

A news article once described him as a "5-foot-11 first-term House member from Florida". This looks correct as Ron DeSantis looks no more than 1.5 inches shorter than Donald Trump who is now around 6'½" but was 6'2" in his prime.

Ron also looks more or less the same height as Joe Biden who is 5'11⅝" (182 cm) tall as of his last medical examination but was 6'½" in his prime.

The height of Ron DeSantis is

5'11" or 180 cm

Ron DeSantis with Marco Rubio and Donald Trump
Ron DeSantis with "Lil" Marco Rubio (5'8½"), and big Donald Trump (6'½" now but was 6'2"). That shadow above Trump's head is how he tall used to be.

Here is some more Ron DeSantis quotes:

Ron DeSantis on what is he fighting for.

At the end of the day, I'm fighting for the things I said I'd fight for.

Ron DeSantis on limited government.

A limited government is much more likely to be a competent government.

Ron DeSantis on the future.

I see a bright future for Florida and for America, and my campaign will be about the ideas and principles that will help us achieve a more perfect union.

Ron DeSantis on business like government.

Don't make the government work like a business... it's inherently inefficient.

Ron DeSantis on doing his part.

Whatever shape my future service takes, I look forward to doing my part to help get our country back on track.

Ron DeSantis on terrorists and firearms.

I think, for me, anybody who is a terrorist should not have access to firearms.

Ron DeSantis on the law.

We are supposed to all be equal before the law, but we have a separate and distinct ruling class, and that is wrong.

Ron DeSantis on black voters.

You can get elected to Congress without ever talking to black voters at all, and I think that's bad for the party.

Ron DeSantis on child safety.

Every child needs a safe and secure learning environment