Quinta Brunson Height

Secrets, in the teenage girl world, are social currency tainted with poison -- they make you feel rich, but can strip you of everything.

Quinta Brunson is always the shortest person in a group photo, and for good reason, because she is only 4 feet 11 inches tall -- fun-sized indeed! The number comes from Quinta herself and from what we have seen of her, we have to agree with her. 

She would have been considered short in a country with short people as well, but in the US where the average height of women is 5 ft 4 in -- Quinta would always be the shortest adult in the room.

By the way, being short is not as bad as tall people think it to be -- especially for women. There are many benefits of being short. A longer life (studies suggest this), higher mobility, and being able to fit anywhere are a few good ones among them.

The height of Quinta is

4'11" or 150 cm

Quinta Brunson with Kim Kardashian and Gwendoline Christie
Quinta Brunson with Kim Kardashian (5'2" or 157.5 cm) and Gwendoline Christie (6'3" or 192 cm)

Quinta Brunson may be small but her thoughts are big, as evident by quotes like these:

Quinta Brunson on changing.

You never know which people, places, and experiences are going to shift your perspective until after you've left them behind and had some time to look back.

Quinta Brunson on everybody minding their own business.

We, all of us, could stand to chill out and mind the business that minds us. If we spent half as much time concerned about our own villages, maybe the entire town wouldn't collapse when one house was set on fire.

Quinta Brunson on parents.

At some point in every young adult's life, it's crucial to have this breakthrough, to finally see your parents as people instead of robots put on this earth to tell you what to do.

Quinta Brunson on social media.

[Social media] becomes an endless cycle of someone tweeting a thing they feel passionate about, then other people coming in and tearing apart their idea because it doesn't exactly align with their own. That's not a dialogue; it's an argument into the void.