Polo G Height

I put so much pressure on myself. I'm my toughest critic. I always push myself to go harder than I did last time.

Famous rapper Polo G is a middling rapper -- and by middling we just mean that he is a tall rapper but not very tall like Wiz Khalifa (6'3"), Young Thug (6'3"), Snoop Dogg (6'4"), nor Polo G is short like Lil Uzi Vert (5'4"), Eazy-E (5'5"), Lil Wayne (5'5"), etc.

In a Wired video, when the question came about his height, Polo G answered swiftly:

You know I'm about six foot one.

Later in an undercover GQ video Polo G upped his claim:

I'm actually hovering between Six-One and Six-Two

After taking a careful look at Polo G, we think he certainly over 6 feet tall but not by much.

The height of Polo G is

6'1" or 185.5 cm

Polo G standing with Lil Tjay and Lil Uzi Vert
Polo G with Lil Uzi Vert (5'4"), and Lil Tjay (5'10¼")

Here are some more interesting Polo G quotes:

Polo G on being responsible.

I have to be responsible with my character, my image and my reputation.

Polo G on the importance of music.

Music is so important. Because in Chicago it's up to us to tell the stories nobody else will.

Polo G on police brutality.

We run into police brutality often and it's always a problem that we always have to protest and speak out.

Polo G on his love of soccer.

If I wanted to play soccer, I'd step out on that soccer field like I'm the best soccer player. Even though I don't have that much experience, I always try to have that type of confidence in myself just to make people believe it.

Polo G on therapy and trauma centers.

One thing I can say as far as people from black communities dealing with trauma or PTSD is putting some trauma centers or some type of therapy sessions and some after-school programs for the kids, so they can have a real outlet to express themselves.

Polo G on why music?

There's so much stuff that you see every day that you want to talk about, but I'm not the type to open up, so the only way I could open up is through music.

Polo G on providing for his family.

I just wanted to be able to say that I raised my kids and my family around a better environment than I was brought up in.

Polo G on Stephen A. Smith.

I wanted to be a sports broadcaster like Stephen A. Smith.

Polo G on Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne, that was one of my main influences, music-wise, because of his wordplay and metaphors.