Nick Young Height

I'm just a cool guy. It's just in my DNA.

For some reason, Google and the rest of the web (including Wikipedia) have decided that Nick Young is 6 feet 7 inches tall. That's why you just can't trust most of the internet -- at least where someone's height is concerned.

Sure, Nick is super tall -- he is a professional basketball player and basketball players are all tall. But everyone is forgetting (if they knew it in the first place), that Nick Young had a pre-draft measurement of 6 feet 5 inches...

Which means Nick is 2 inches shorter than his official height. Height fraud happens everywhere, and in our own experience, even NBA is not immune to it. You would have thought that in a sport where height is so important -- they would have at least taken the pain to list it correctly -- but that's clearly not the case.

If you look at Nick Young carefully -- like next to someone like 2 Chainz who is 6 feet 4½" inch tall, it is clear that Nick is closer to 6'5" than any other number.

The real height of Nick Young is

6'5" or 195.5 cm

Nick Young standing with The Rock and LeBron James
Nick Young with The Rock (6'2½"), and LeBron James (6'7½")

Here is some more Nick Young quotes:

Nick Young on the future.

There's always something to look forward to.

Nick Young on NBA and NFL.

I think it's harder to be in the NBA than the NFL.

Nick Young on his dancing chops.

Dancing sometimes you just get your groove on. I can dance. I'm kinda like Michael Jackson.

Nick Young on Kobe Bryant.

Growing up in L.A., Kobe was my idol, really.

Nick Young on grudges.

I don't hold any grudges.

Nick Young on doing what needs to be done.

I just gotta do what I gotta do, when I gotta do it, you feel me?

Nick Young on self-belief.

That's why I've been working so hard, I believe in myself, believe that I've got talent.

Nick Young on confidence.

Yeah, you gotta be confident. I think it helps players.

Nick Young on forgiving and forgetting.

It builds character, it builds chemistry, when you're fighting amongst each other and able to brush it off and still talk and still have fun with each other.