Jocko Willink Height

Discipline equals freedom.

~ Jocko Willink

There is discipline and then there is its synonym -- Jocko Willink, the author, podcaster, and retired United States Navy officer who served in the Navy SEALs and is a former member of SEAL Team 3.

You can find Jocko Willink's height listed anywhere from 5'10" to 6" on the internet. But the man himself mentioned it on Twitter in response to a question asked about his height and weight: 

5'11" 230 lbs (104 kg)

From what we have seen of Jocko (like next to a 5'7" Joe Rogan), we think he looks like it -- almost.

The real height of Jocko Willink is

5'10½" or 179 cm

Jocko Willink standing with Joe Rogan and Brock Lesnar
Jocko Willink with Joe Rogan (5'7"), and Brock Lesnar (real height: 6'2")

Jocko Willink is one of a kind man. Here is someone of kind of quotes from him:

Jocko Willink on mind.

Don’t let your mind control you. Control your mind.

Jocko Willink on practice.

The more you practice, the better you get, the more freedom you have to create.

Jocko Willink on thinking.

Don't think in the morning. That's a big mistake that people make. They wake up in the morning and they start thinking. Don't think. Just execute the plan. The plan is the alarm clock goes off, you get up, and you go work out. Get some.

Jocko Willink on ego.

If you get your ego in your way, you will only look to other people and circumstances to blame.

Jocko Willink on temptation.

The temptation to take the easy road is always there. It is as easy as staying in bed in the morning and sleeping in. But discipline is paramount to ultimate success and victory for any leader and any team.

Jocko Willink on perserverance.

Perseverance is also key to success in any endeavor, but without perseverance in combat, there can be no victory.

Jocko Willink on being a leader.

One of the key qualities a leader must possess is the ability to detach from the chaos, mayhem, and emotions in a situation and make good, clear decisions based on what is actually happening.

Jocko Willink on motivation.

Don't worry about motivation. Motivation is fickle. It comes and goes. It is unreliable - and when you are counting on motivation to get your goals accomplished, you will likely fall short.

Jocko Willink on food.

We have food all around us all the time, and if we haven't eaten for three hours, we think we're starving. You're not starving - human beings can go for 30 days without food.

Jocko Willink on being a...

I'm not a complete psychopath. Am I partially? Sure. I'll accept that. But I'm not a complete psychopath.

Jocko Willink on getting tired.

If you're going to wake up early all the time, and you're working hard, and you're working out, sometimes you're going to get tired. It's OK. It's acceptable - somewhat. We're all human, unfortunately.

|Jocko Willink on stress.

If it's the stress of things that we cannot control, what you have to do is mitigate that stress as much as possible. You've planned, you've trained, and you've done everything you can in your power to mitigate the stress that's facing you. And then after that, there's nothing you can do. So, you have to let that one go.

Jocko Willink on the ultimate test.

The test is not a complex one: when the alarm goes off, do you get up out of bed, or do you lie there in comfort and fall back to sleep? If you have the discipline to get out of bed, you win—you pass the test. If you are mentally weak for that moment and you let that weakness keep you in bed, you fail. Though it seems small, that weakness translates to more significant decisions. But if you exercise discipline, that too translates to more substantial elements of your life.