James Taylor Height

Never give up, never slow down, never grow old, and never ever die young.

American singer-songwriter and guitarist, James Taylor is one of the best-selling music artists of all time -- very big in the world of music and very big in real life as well.

James Taylor once looked 2 inches taller than a 6 feet 1 inch tall Barack Obama, which would make his height 6 feet 3 inches, and indeed, an article in history.com (since lost to the web), described his height as 6 feet 3 inches.

Interestingly, James Taylor's sons are quite tall as well, especially Ben and Henry Taylor who look comfortably in the 6 ft 4 in range.

The height of James Taylor is

6'3" or 190.5 cm

James Taylor standing with Barack and Michelle Obama
James Taylor with Michelle (5'11" or 180.3 cm -- looking bigger because of heels), and Barack Obama (6'1" or 185.5 cm)

James Taylor has an amazing mind -- as evident by some of his quotes:

James Taylor on the secret of life.

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.

James Taylor on time.

Time will take your money, but money won't buy time.

James Taylor on loving yourself.

You have to choose whether to love yourself or not.

James Taylor on addiction.

If you're an addict, it controls your life and your life becomes uncontrollable. It's boring and painful, filling your system with something that makes you stare at your shoes for six hours.

James Taylor on being on a boat.

Being on a boat that's moving through the water, it's so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what's important and what's not.

James Taylor on music.

Music is like a huge release of tension.

James Taylor on the three things.

People should watch out for three things: avoid a major addiction, don't get so deeply into debt that it controls your life, and don't start a family before you're ready to settle down.

James Taylor on pain.

We all have to face pain, and pain makes us grow.