Grace Jones Height

I only move forwards, never backwards, darling.

~ Grace Jones

Grace Jones is known for her tough looks and tough characters in movies such as "A View to a Kill", "Conan The Destroyer", "Boomerang", "Vamp", and many others.

One of the key aspects of Grace Jones' tough-looking persona was her height. We suppose she isn't that tall, but she did look rangy and held her own against a 6 feet 1 and a half inches tall Arnold Schwarzenegger quite well in "Conan The Destroyer".

Grace Jones is listed everywhere as 5 ft 8 in. She also more or less admitted she was no more than 5'8" in an interview published on 7/15/1984 in Asbury Park Press:

I'm about six feet tall in heels," she said. "I usually wear four-to-five-inch heels. I'm not really that tall. In flats, I certainly don't look that tall. I'm really a little thing.

Here is another quote about her height from her:

People always like to make me seem taller than I am.

5'8" is tall but not very tall for a woman. Also Grace's height on her modeling card from her early modeling days in Paris was 5'8".

The height of Grace Jones is

5'8" or 172.5 cm

Grace Jones standing with Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Grace Jones standing with a couple of other tough guys: Bruce Lee (5'7½"), Arnold Schwarzenegger (6'1½" in his prime)

Grace Jones is a one-of-a-kind person. Here are some unique quotes from her:

Grace Jones on individuality.

I believe in individuality, that everybody is special, and it's up to them to find that quality and let it live.

Grace Jones on creating yourself.

One creates oneself.

Grace Jones on her masculine side.

I go feminine, I go masculine. I am both, actually. I think the male side is a bit stronger in me, and I have to tone it down sometimes. I'm not like a normal woman, that's for sure.

Grace Jones on going with the flow.

I just go with the flow, I follow the yellow brick road. I don't know where it's going to lead me, but I follow it.

Grace Jones on being a man-eater.

I'm a man-eating machine.

Grace Jones on making your own decisions.

Everyone has to make their own decisions. I still believe in that. You just have to be able to accept the consequences without complaining.

Grace Jones on hiding things from others.

Hiding, secrets, and not being able to be yourself are one of the worst things ever for a person. It gives you low self-esteem. You never get to reach that peak in your life. You should always be able to be yourself and be proud of yourself.

Grace Jones on not caring about others' opinions.

I've changed. I'm not worried about what people think, because I think people think what they want to think anyway.

Grace Jones on long-term plans.

A replacement will always come along very soon - a newer version, a crazier version, a louder version. So if you haven't got a long-term plan, then you are merely a passing phase, the latest trend, yesterday's event.

Grace Jones on using vs abusing.

Use, don't abuse.

Grace Jones on doing things that makes her happy.

I never do what anyone else is doing. I could walk away from music and become a farmer or do some crochet. The worst thing for me is to do something I'm not happy doing.

Grace Jones on her masculinity.

My husband used to shout at my mother, 'What is wrong with your daughter? I'm married to a man.

Grace Jones on hiding things.

I don't like people who hide things. We're not perfect, we all have things that people might not want to see, and I want to show my faults.

Grace Jones on her body.

When I started modeling, I'd raise my arms and it was all muscle and all the other models had nothing. Really, everybody thought I was a man. I don't have to do much to have muscles. It's just genetic.

Grace Jones on being impatient.

I'm not as impatient as I used to be. I used to hit people if I didn't like what they were saying. Just lash out. 'Bam - shut up! Hahaha!' I was terrible.

Grace Jones on being vain.

I'm too vain, one of my biggest sins, but it saved me; I can see what excess does.

Grace Jones on children.

You can't expect your children to be perfect.

Grace Jones on understanding between the sexes.

It's important that the sexes understand each other.

Grace Jones on fear.

Fear is fear of fear, I think.

Grace Jones on gender.

Some people are both genders. I think you just come out the way you come out, and you have to embrace it honestly.