Cody Ko Height

Love is posting your private text messages with your significant other on Pinterest.

Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk or simply Cody Ko (thank god), is the ultra-famous Canadian YouTuber and comedian who is known for many things -- his height is one of them.

His height is a matter of public interest because the mob on the internet suspect that he is a shortie and when the internet mob thinks you are a shortie, they come after you. Like this time, when a random schmuck on Twitter says things like this about Cody Ko.

This guy's like 5'6 with a little dick

Cody replied indigently:

im not 5′6!!!!!!!!!!

Does Cody Ko seem a bit touchy here? We also noticed that he left something unaddressed, is this confirmation by omission?

Well, any red-blooded western man is bound to be annoyed when accused of being only 5'6" and having a tiny wiener. But if Cody is not 5'6" then how tall is he exactly?

Well, many websites on the internet list Cody's height as anywhere from 5'8" to 5'9".

But Cody has actually confessed to being 5'8¾" tall in Jeff Wittek's barbershop video -- after a grueling round of teasing for being short. We think he looks within that range.

The real height of Cody Ko is

5'8¾" or 174.5 cm

Cody Ko standing with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Cruise
Cody Ko with Chris Hemsworth (6'3" or 190.5 cm), and Tom Cruise (5'7¾" or 172.5 cm)

Here is some more interesting Cody Ko quotes:

Cody Ko on his queen.

Baby, you're my cuddle bug. You know that you're my queen, you know I'm going snuggle you girl.

Cody Ko on attention.

What's the point of this, to gain attention?' Uh, yes. That's the whole point of Instagram.

Cody Ko on the sound of the alarm.

Who loves the sound of their alarm in the morning? A masochist, that's who.

Cody Ko on whom to trust.

You're left wondering: who can I really trust in this world? The answer is: nobody.

Cody Ko on his chakras.

Woke up and my fucking chakras are all out of line, god damn it.