Alex Pereira Height

With the big pillow gloves I already made him leave on a stretcher, so imagine what is going to happen with the four-ounce gloves.

Famous mixed martial artist, Alex Pereria is a legend of the game. He has been fighting for a long time and has won some spectacular battles (like over a young Israel Adesanya), but only now he has started getting his due. He recently flattened (again) Israel Adesanya to become the UFC middleweight champion.

Alex Pereria is tall and kind of super tall for someone in the middleweight division. Before him, Israel Adesanya was one of the tallest fighters in the division who was using his height and reach very well to beat smaller opponents. But then came Alex Pereria -- even taller and bigger with two hammers attached to the end of his hands and lo and behold what happened...

Alex Pereria's official height is 6 ft 4 in -- it has always been so. After taking a good look at him, we have no doubt that he is that tall. He even towered over Israel Adesanya who towers over the rest of the division. Israel's official height is 6 ft 4 in -- but we believe in real life, Izzy is no more than  6 ft 2¾ in, which makes Alex around 6 ft 4 in really. Alex Pereria is just as much taller than Israel Adesanya as Francis Ngannou is.

By the way, Alex Pereria's sister Aline Pereria is 5 ft 9 in tall and also happens to be a mixed martial artist.

The height of Alex Pereria is

6'4¼” or 194 cm

Alex Pereria standing with Robert Whittaker and Israel Adesanya
Alex Pereria with Robert Whittaker (5'11½"), and Israel Adesanya (6'2¾") [Update: This pic shows Alex at 6'4" but now we believe he is slightly over it.]

Israel Adesanya would never give me props, but what he thinks or doesn't think doesn't change a thing for me. You have to ask him if he was impressed when I knocked him out. Was he not impressed? If he wasn't, he's sick.

~ Alex Pereria