Paul Rudd Height

Embarrassment and awkward situations are not foreign things to me.

~ Paul Rudd

There are not many Paul Rudds in the world... in fact, there is only one and he is a charming actor who has acted in movies like  Clueless, Romeo + Juliet (yes he was in that 1996 movie), Wet Hot American Summer (Not an adult movie), The 40-Year-Old Virgin (Not an adult movie as well), Knocked Up (all of his movies have adult sounding names). Though perhaps Paul Rudd is best known to the younger generation for playing the role of Ant-Man in the Marvel Universe movies.

Your clue to Paul Rudd's height should come from the fact that he played a character named "Ant-man". Bad joke aside, Mr. Rudd has claimed to be 5 feet 10 inches tall many times in the past. 

But claiming a height is one thing and looking like it is another thing altogether. Does Paul looks 5'10" -- no, he hasn't looked so recently.

Perhaps Paul was 5'10" once upon a time -- but not anymore. Some people do lose height with age (and some faster than others). Perhaps Mr. Rudd is one of those people who lose some height in their 50s (yes, he looks ridiculously young for his age). Because it sure looks like his head belongs to the body of a much taller person.

In any case, after looking carefully at Paul Rudd and comparing his elegant stature to that of some other actors with well-known heights -- like the Chris' of Hollywood -- Evans (6"), Pratt (6'2"), Hemsworth (6'3") -- to name a few, we have come to the conclusion that Mr. Rudd looks barely 5 feet 9 inches tall, but perhaps he could have been a little taller in his prime.

The real height of Paul Rudd is

5'9" or 175 cm

Paul Rudd standing with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland
Paul Rudd with big Chris Hemsworth (6'3"), and lil Tom Holland (5'7")

Paul Rudd is one of a kind person, here are some of his unique quotes.

Paul Rudd on paths not taken.

Looking back, I'm really happy with the choices I've made in my career. I know for a fact I could be wealthier. Who knows, maybe I could be more successful, maybe not. I don't know. But just about every single thing I've ever done I've gone into with the right intentions, and that goes a long way.

Paul Rudd on different kinds of marriages.

People have all different kinds of marriages. Whatever works for you.

Paul Rudd on humor.

Humor is the most important thing in life. It trumps everything else, and it's the only thing that helps me deal with everything else.

Paul Rudd on small talk.

I'm not good at small talk. I'm really not. I'm not that great at any talk.

Paul Rudd on becoming an adult.

Even more than getting married or having kids, I found losing a parent is what thrusts you into adulthood. For me it was. That was when the Earth tilts.

Paul Rudd on performance arts.

It's nice to be in anything that anybody sees or likes. If it's something that has lasted, it's great.

Paul Rudd on the future.

I do like the idea that tomorrow I might find out that I'm going to be doing something that is completely unknowable today. I think it forces you to live in the moment in a very good way.

Paul Rudd on the midwest.

I grew up in the Midwest, where people seem to be friendly and nice to one another. There is less stress than in some of the other cities.

Paul Rudd on not working.

I'm a big fan of not working.

Paul Rudd on straight guys who don't look straight.

I love straight guys that seem gay. I'm a little like that.

Paul Rudd on laughter.

I treasure laughs more than anything; they've helped me in life the most.

Paul Rudd on fear and comedy.

Fear is what makes comedy funny.

Paul Rudd on not being funny.

Sometimes I think I'm funny. But then sometimes I see myself, and I think, 'There's somebody trying to be funny.'

Paul Rudd on being fun made of.

If someone made fun of me, I'd be bummed out. But I'd play it like I thought it was hilarious.

Paul Rudd on working on the marriage.

I think in most marriages, mine included, you're constantly tending the garden, constantly working at it.

Paul Rudd on doing what you love.

I am so appreciative I have been able to continue not only doing something I love but working on movies I've loved.

Young Paul Rudd wants to become Adam Ant.

I used to ask my mom to try and shave my head on the sides to give me a receding hairline because Adam Ant had one.

Paul Rudd on living off the land.

There's something great about the idea of working the land and living communally. That's healthy. That's good.

Paul Rudd on great comedians and not being one of them.

There are so many really good comedians, and I would never be as good as they are. It's not my calling.

Paul Rudd uses comedy as a way to avoid being bullied.

I think I used comedy as a mechanism: if I could make the other kids laugh, I wouldn't get beaten up or teased as much.

Paul Rudd on acting and music.

A lot of people say, 'What's the worst part about being an actor?' And the worst part is that you're not a musician.

Paul Rudd on his alpha manliness.

There is a major part of who I am that does not feel like the alpha male.

Paul Rudd on dealing with hard things with humor.

Anything traumatic in my life I've always dealt with through jokes and comedy.

Paul Rudd on Ellen DeGeneres.

I think Ellen DeGeneres is just hysterical.

Paul Rudd on puberty and the unpleasant things it brings.

Puberty hit me pretty hard. All of a sudden, I woke up, and I had really curly hair.

Paul Rudd on not getting attention as a child.

My sister was born a couple years after I was, and I realized that I wasn't getting enough attention, as much attention as I used to before she showed up, and then I learned pretty early on that if I could do a silly dance or make grown-ups laugh, then the attention would come back to me, and I would be accepted.

Paul Rudd on learning the power of making people laugh.

Growing up, if I had been given any advice - bad or good - I probably wouldn't have been able to act on it regardless. I wasn't shy, but I'd get nervous. I got a little more confident later in high school when I realized I could get girls to pay attention to me by making them laugh.

Paul Rudd on his wife.

My wife is very stealth-funny. She'll come out with something when I'm not expecting it, and it'll just kill me.

Paul Rudd on awkwardness.

Awkwardness is such a gold mine for comedy.

Paul Rudd on his bad jokes.

Personally - and I don't mean to brag - my jokes have been falling flat for most of my life.

Paul Rudd on being treating others the way he wants to be treated.

My parents raised me to treat people the way you would want to be treated and to be polite. Sometimes, when I get nervous or insecure, I might overcompensate and might not be totally true to what I am feeling inside. But I get nervous and maybe too smiley and polite.

Paul Rudd on being naked.

I've been naked in a lot of my movies. There's something inherently funny about the naked male body, particularly mine.

Paul Rudd on fantasy baseball.

I'm, uh, not proud to say it - I play fantasy baseball. It's, like, the dorkiest thing ever.

Paul Rudd on the greatness of New York.

The truth is, there are so many terrific places in New York because it's the greatest city in the world, and there are so many fascinating places to see that, frankly, it's humbling.

Paul Rudd on his dad being a Titanic fanatic.

As a kid, I know that most of my parents' friends were because my mom made friends with them, and my dad went along. I know a lot of dads who do that. I think it just starts to happen with guys. In the case of my father, he was probably just too busy reading books about Titanic.

Paul Rudd on being a Titanic pundit.

I know a lot about the Titanic. My dad was a Titanic expert.