Nathan Kress Height

I'm thankful to say that I already have my dream job. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

~ Nathan Kress

American actor, Nathan Kress is perhaps best known for portraying the character of Freddie Benson on the Nickelodeon sitcom "iCarly".

Nathan Kress used to be very small when he was 14 or so -- probably 4'10", but then he had had a growth spurt and he shot up in height -- but how much so?

Well, Nathan once mentioned his height on Twitter as 5'7". We think he can look that tall sometimes -- but not all the time. Perhaps he was measured with shoes still on?

The height of Nathan Kress is

5'6½" or 169 cm

Nathan Kress standing with Ariana Grande and Chris Hemsworth
Nathan Kress with the fun-sized Ariana Grande (5'½"), and big Chris Hemsworth (6'3")

Nathan Kress is your boy next door. Here are some of his quotes:

Nathan Kress on his love of "Lord of the Rings".

I'm a really big 'Lord of the Rings fan. I have all the extended editions.

Nathan Kress is unable to withstand a lack of sleep.

Everyone else in the 'iCarly' cast can operate on 5 hours of sleep, but not so for 'Old Man Nathan!'

Nathan Kress on his hobbies.

I'm an outdoorsy guy, but I also enjoy the average teenager stuff - video games, movies, and hanging with friends. I'm just a normal guy!

Nathan Kress on his biggest hobby.

My biggest hobby is airsoft, which is similar to paintball. Essentially, it's a military simulation, but the guns shoot plastic BBs. My friends and I go out in the woods or the desert and play all day long!

Nathan Kress on having fun with acting.

My favorite thing about acting is that I can play with all kinds of different people. Frankly, I don't consider myself a very interesting person, so the characters I play are usually much more fun.

Nathan Kress on his acting roots.

Since I was very young, probably two or three, I had really good memorization skills. I would memorize stuff from TV and perform it for my family. I was the little performer for most of my early life. So eventually, my mom caught onto that and thought I might want to get into acting.