Elizabeth Chambers Height

It's important to give back because that's what we were put on this planet to do.

~ Elizabeth Chambers

American television personality. Elizabeth Chambers is tall but her height is probably a matter of interest because of her ex-husband Armie Hammer. Mr. Hammer is a giant of a man and towers over nearly everyone around him but Elizabeth Chambers seemed to hold her own against him pretty well, which means she is a tall lady.

IMDb lists Elizabeth's height as 5 ft 10 in, but after taking a look at her, we think a case could be made that she is a bit shorter than that.

The height of Elizabeth Chambers is

5'9½" or 176 cm

Elizabeth Chambers standing with Armie Hammer and Gwendoline Christie
Elizabeth Chambers with Ex-husband Armie Hammer (6'4½"), and the tall lady Gwendoline Christie (6'3½")

Here are some more Elizabeth Chambers quotes:

Elizabeth Chambers on autonomy.

I absolutely value autonomy. I value freedom and the ability to implement change right away.

Elizabeth Chambers on her love of baking.

I've always loved baking - it's a huge part of who I am and what I do.

Elizabeth Chambers on her love of food.

We love food in our house.

Elizabeth Chambers on the source of her most creative ideas.

Shifting gears from my journalistic work to bakery life allows me to step away and see things from a different perspective. Some of my most creative ideas or biggest aha moments have come when I was immersed in one job while thinking about the other from a slightly removed point of view.

Elizabeth Chambers on spending quality time with her children.

When I've been working especially long hours, I make a point to spend an extra hour or two without my phone, doing something my children choose. They love the park or pool time, but mostly, they love my undivided attention.

Elizabeth Chambers on her dad.

My dad is amazing: he taught me everything I know about sales. He volunteered to be the Girl Scout cookie mom and gave everybody sales quotas, and basically, every girl went home crying because he was super intense.