Dana White Height

The amount of negativity I hear on a daily basis is unbelievable. But that's the kind of stuff you have to tune out, focus, stick with your vision and keep plugging every day.

~ Dana White

UFC head honcho. Dana White is perhaps the single most important person to make MMA what it is today, and it seems he is still not done yet, perhaps he would make MMA even greater by the time he retires -- hopefully never -- for he is such an interesting personality and a competent manager.

Despite the girly name, Dana is a beefy guy in real life and what is more -- he seems to be getting beefier and redder with age, which makes people on the internet suspect that he is on Alistair Overeem's favorite diet (horsemeat) -- we won't say any more about this here since this is a family website.

Anyway, like we said Dana is not a puny guy. He is broad and strong (he can even do pull-ups). Where height is concerned, Dana once mentioned himself as 6 feet tall.

Now Mr. White isn't one to hold something back or sugarcoat his talk but he is also not known for being truthful at times (to say the least).

Though after taking a careful look at him and comparing his height to some mixed martial artists, such as Conor McGregor (5'8½"), Daniel Cormier (5'9" late in his career), Nate Diaz (6'1"), etc, we have to say that Dana looks anything but six feet tall-- even after taking his bad posture into account. We would be surprised if he touches the 5 feet 11-inch mark.

Though he is still a bit taller than an average American male and far taller than someone like his buddy Joe "205 pounds" Rogan, who claims to be 5 feet 8 inches tall but is probably 5'7" instead.

The real height of Dana White is

5'10½" or 179 cm

Dana White standing with Joe Rogan and Vin Diesel
Bald baddies: Dana White with Joe Rogan (5'7") and Vin Diesel (5'11½")

Dana White is an exceptional person, if his success isn't telling, here are some of his quotes that would prove this:

Dana White on the importance of effort.

Nothing comes easy. Success doesn't just drop on your lap. You have to go out and fight for it every day.

Dana White on being wrong

Listen, I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.

Dana White on making mistakes and second chances.

We're all entitled to make mistakes. I'm not one of these guys where if you make a mistake, I'm gonna try to tear your life down and burn it to the ground.

Dana White on passion.

If you get into something that you're passionate about, and if you really believe in it, you gotta get up every day and fight.

Dana White on passion and determination.

Anything can be changed. Anything can be fixed. Things that are broken can be fixed. And you don't have to be some billionaire or millionaire to do it. You just have to be a person with a vision and the passion to do it, and be willing to fight for it every day.

Dana White on politics.

I'm not a political guy at all, not even a little bit.

Dana White on hating the job.

I was a bellman - a great hotel, five-star hotel in Boston. I made great money. I made cash every day. I had good benefits. We had 401k. All the things you could ask for in a great job, I had. You know what I didn't have? I hated my job.

Dana White on loving the job.

I swear to God, if my kids, when they're 18, if they come to me and say, 'Dad, I love pumping gas. I love getting up in the morning, I love grabbing the handle, I love the smell of the gas station,' I'd say, 'Go for it,' because if you love it that much at 18, he's probably going to end up owning 25 gas stations by the time he's 30.

Dana White on not belonging to either party.

There's a little bit of me that's Republican, and there's a little bit of me that's Democratic. I believe in taking care of people that don't have, I believe in taking care of the planet, you know, all that type of stuff.

Dana White on being loyal.

I'm a loyal person, man, and people who have been good to me in my life, I don't forget and I stand by them.

Dana White on mixed martial arts and artists.

I genuinely love this sport and most of the guys who compete in it.

Dana White on being weird.

I'm a weirdo.

Dana White on reality.

Let me tell you what, reality is better than any script you could ever write

Dana White on cutting off fighters from UFC.

The absolute worst part of my job is having to cut people. I have to cut people after every show, that's just how it goes. But I don't judge you on wins and losses. What I do care about is a great fight.