Bradley Beal Height

I always tell myself, 'Nothing's perfect.'

~ Bradley Beal

American professional basketball player for the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association, Bradley Beal is tall for sure but how tall? Here is what Bradley himself has to say on the subject:

I don't even know how tall I am. I'm hoping 6'4". I'm 6'4", 6'5" on a good day.

Bradley Beal's height is listed as either 6'3" or 6'4" all over the web. But his height was measured as 6'3¼" (191 cm) in socks and 6'4¾" (195 cm) in shoes at the draft combine. It is quite possible that the measurement was done early in the day -- and you keep losing height as the day wears on (due to the spinal discs compression).

The height of Bradley Beal is

6'3" or 190.5 cm

Bradley Beal standing with Tom Brady and Kevin Hart
Bradley Beal with Tom Brady (6'4½"), and Kevin Hart (5'2½")

Surprisingly Breadly Beal is very big on tattoos. Here are some of his quotes:

Bradley Beal on proving yourself.

You always have to prove yourself. I'm big on that.

Bradley Beal on what kind of player he is.

I'm a silent assassin - I can say that.

Bradley Beal on being reticent.

I've always been a quiet guy. I like to keep to myself.

Bradley Beal on what kind of guy he is.

I'm a loyal guy.

Bradley Beal on his mom.

My mom is the all-seeing eye in the sky. And she definitely doesn't lie. She knows exactly what I'm doing right or wrong because she taught me everything I know.

Bradley Beal on being a gamer.

I'm a huge gamer, I love 'Madden,' love 'FIFA 2K,' and anybody that knows me knows I love Xbox. I do play Playstation as well, though, so I'm not one-dimensional, so don't get it twisted, PS4 fans, I can do both. I do play online.

Bradley Beal on not knowing how to take a compliment.

I really don't even know how to take a compliment honestly.

Bradley Beal on his family.

My small circle is really just my family. They're really close and dear to my heart and it's always great to have them watching my games, critiquing my games, and making sure I'm alright at all times.

Bradley Beal on his family's love.

That's what I love so much about my family and friends, man. They continue to support me at the same time they keep me grounded and talk to me like I'm with them.

Bradley Beal on the importance of short-term memory in the game.

You need to have short-term memory. That's a big thing that I learned a lot about. Moving on from games, even good games that I have. Move on from them and be prepared for the next night.

Bradley Beal on how he makes the decision for a tattoo.

It takes a long time for me to just say 'I'm going to get a tat.' I really do my homework on it and make sure that it's perfect and the way I want it and make sure there's always meaning because I never get anything without meaning.

Bradley Beal's love of barbecue.

Barbecue chips, Lay's in particular are my favorite. If you have anything barbecue around me, I'm pretty much nibblin' on 'em.

Bradley Beal

That's one thing I don't want to happen is to regret getting a tat (tattoo) because that bad boy not going away.

Bradley Beal on Kobe Bryant's footwork.

Kobe's footwork I'm a huge fan of it because he prides himself on that and I feel like that's an important piece to the game - having the proper footwork and the strength, and just knowing where you are on the floor by just looking at the floor.

Bradley Beal on getting his degree.

I want to get my degree and that's something I take pride in, especially being a man of color.

Bradley Beal on D.C.

It's a supercity. It's a beautiful market. I love it. I love D.C.

Bradley Beal on being an activist.

I don't necessarily see myself or consider myself an activist, but I feel like I have a platform, and I'm going to utilize it to the best of my ability.

Bradley Beal on elections.

I was someone who thought my vote didn't count.

Bradley Beal on achieving peace through faith.

Just been getting my faith life together, and I feel like that's honestly putting me at a place of peace where I can play my game, and have fun with it.

Bradley Beal on being humble.

I'm humble, and guys always say I act older than what I am, so I always keep that mentality and make sure everything is focused and serious.

Bradley Beal on not wanting freebies.

I don't want anything given to me.

Bradley Beal on the power of unity.

There is power in unity.

Bradley Beal on an accountable justice system.

We have to call out the lawmakers and law officials, the state and city reps, DAs, judges, politicians, and police unions -- everybody who deems themselves an enforcers of the law has to be held accountable. Justice is demanded. Sustainable change is necessary. But we know that we all have to continue to do our part in the community.

Bradley Beal on not caring about stats.

I don't care about stats.

Bradley Beal on not caring about points.

I don't care about points.

Bradley Beal on his ultimate goal

Ultimately the goal is to win, man. Whatever that looks like.