Daddy Yankee Height

"I would rather be the tail of a lion than the head of a mouse."

~ Daddy Yankee

Influential Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and rapper, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez or Daddy Yankee is known as the "King of Reggaetón" -- a new kind of music genre that Daddy Yankee named in 1994.

Daddy Yankee is listed all over the internet at 5-feet-7 inches tall -- and for a reason, it seems.

From what little we have seen of him, Mr. Yankee certainly looks like he belongs in the elite 5-feet-7 inch neighborhood -- except on the southern end of it.

The real height of Daddy Yankee is

5'6¾" or 169 cm

Daddy Yankee height comparison with Pitbull and Taylor Swift
Daddy Yankee with Taylor Swift (5'9½"), and Pitbull (around 5'7")

For reference, here is the average human height around the world.

Country Male Female
Indonesia 5'4" 4'11"
India 5'5½" 5'½"
Mexico 5'6½" 5'1½"
China 5'6½" 5'1½"
Japan 5'7½" 5'2½"
Brazil 5'8" 5'3"
Russia 5'9" 5'3¾"
United States 5'9¼" 5'4"
United Kingdom 5'9½" 5'4¼"
Canada 5'10" 5'4½"
Australia 5'10" 5'4½"
Germany 5'10½" 5'5"
Sweden 5'11" 5'5½"
Netherlands 5'11½" 5'6"

Data was collected from official sources wherever possible. A more detailed chart can be found here.

"I know how to read people. When you grow up in a rough environment, you have to have a sixth sense."

~ Daddy Yankee