Reese Witherspoon Height

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Famous actress, Reese Witherspoon is known for starring in movies such as Legally Blonde and its sequel, Wild, This Means War, Home Again, among many others.

Reese Witherspoon is one of those people who prove that height doesn't matter much in your success, even more so if you are a woman.

Reese is known to be a short actress. She had claimed to be 5-feet-2 inches tall in the past but IMDb for some reason had decided to shave off a quarter from her height.

Though after carefully taking a look at her, even we think that Reese looks closer to her IMDb listing after all.

The real height of Reese Witherspoon is

5'1¾" or 157 cm

Reese Witherspoon height comparison with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman
Reese Witherspoon with Jennifer Aniston (around 5'5"), and Nicole Kidman (5'10")

For reference, here is the average human height around the world.

Country Male Female
Indonesia 5'4" 4'11"
India 5'5½" 5'½"
Mexico 5'6½" 5'1½"
China 5'6½" 5'1½"
Japan 5'7½" 5'2½"
Brazil 5'8" 5'3"
Russia 5'9" 5'3¾"
United States 5'9¼" 5'4"
United Kingdom 5'9½" 5'4¼"
Canada 5'10" 5'4½"
Australia 5'10" 5'4½"
Germany 5'10½" 5'5"
Sweden 5'11" 5'5½"
Netherlands 5'11½" 5'6"

Data was collected from official sources wherever possible. A more detailed chart can be found here.

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