Eazy-E Height

"I'm not religious, but wrong or right, that's me."

~ Eazy-E

American rapper, Eazy-E is remembered as the "Godfather of Gangsta Rap." He propelled the West Coast rap and gangsta rap by leading the group N.W.A and its label, Ruthless Records.

Eazy-E was one of the most successful and the... shortest rappers of all time.

After watching him with people like Ice Cube and Dr. Dre (6'¼"), we think Eazy-E would have been even shorter than short rappers like Little Wayne (5'5"), Bow Wow (5'4"), or Lil Uzi Vert (5'4").

Eazy-E made Ice Cube look like a giant, and Ice Cube is anything but a giant at 5-feet-8 inches tall.

We think Eazy-E could be almost identical in height to someone like Kevin Hart who is for certain between 5-feet-2 to 5-feet-3 inches tall.

The real height of Eazy-E was

5'2½" or 161 cm

Eazy-E mugshot in front of a height chart
Eazy-E: lack of height never stopped him

For reference, here is the average human height around the world.

Country Male Female
Indonesia 5'4" 4'11"
India 5'5½" 5'½"
Mexico 5'6½" 5'1½"
China 5'6½" 5'1½"
Japan 5'7½" 5'2½"
Brazil 5'8" 5'3"
Russia 5'9" 5'3¾"
United States 5'9¼" 5'4"
United Kingdom 5'9½" 5'4¼"
Canada 5'10" 5'4½"
Australia 5'10" 5'4½"
Germany 5'10½" 5'5"
Sweden 5'11" 5'5½"
Netherlands 5'11½" 5'6"

Data was collected from official sources wherever possible. A more detailed chart can be found here.

"The kids from the streets don't want preaching or messages. They want what they can identify with. They want to hear about the reality of their situation, not fairy tales. They don't care if it's ugly; they just want reality."

~ Eazy-E