Bobby Lee Height

Two things, generally, for me, is what life is about. And they're not funny. Living in the moment is one. And No. 2 is getting out of yourself and helping other people. Because all of my suffering stems from thinking about myself.

~ Bobby Lee

Comedian, actor, and podcaster, Robert Young Lee Jr. aka Bobby Lee is not the tallest man you'll have the fortune to meet. But just how tall... or short is he really?

Bobby Lee's official height (as listed on his IMDb resume) is 5 feet 4½ inches. Which makes him only 5 inches below the average height of men in the United States.

But wait, we say take this listing with a pinch of salt because, to be honest, Bobby Lee doesn't look any taller than 5 feet flat.

However, after taking a careful second look at him and comparing his height to some other people, we think he must be a bit taller than 5 feet after all. We now think that he may be just as tall as someone like Kevin Hart (5'2½") or just a pinch taller.

But even we have to admit that Bobby gives the impression of being far taller than Kevin Hart, perhaps because of his long hair and extra body fat?

The real height of Bobby Lee is

5'3" or 160 cm

Bobby Lee posing in front of a height chart background
Short Bobby Lee big in comedy

I guess I am handsome - in certain parts of the world. If I was, like, in Mongolia, living on a mountain and in my village, I could be the hottest guy. In L.A., I'm ... average?

~ Bobby Lee