Jake Paul Height

Jake Paul is a famous YouTuber and the brother of the even famous YouTuber - Logan Paul.

About Jake Paul's Height

No matter what Jake will do, he will always be under the shadow of his big brother, Logan. Alas, such is the sad reality of the world we live in. It is true even where his height is concerned. Jake is shorter than his brother Logan by a couple of inches. 

Jake once said that he was six feet one inch tall. If that were true, it would put him to only half an inch shorter than Logan - which is clearly not true. Jake seems considerably shorter than Logan. He seems more in height with KSI, who is around five feet ten-inch mark, KSI even commented on it.

The real height of Jake Paul is 5'10.5" (179 cm)

Jake Paul with PewDiePie (5'9"), KSI (5'10"), Logan Paul (6'1.5"), MKBHD (6'3"), and the giant Beau Brown (the one with the cap if you re confused -7'1")

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