Paulo Costa Height

Powerful Paulo Costa looks more like a powerlifter than a mixed martial artist with such a physique, such muscularity is rare on a mixed martial artist for the fear that all those muscles will tire you up fast, but somehow it is working for Paulo.

If there is one other mixed martial artist in power and explosiveness in UFC’s middleweight division we can compare Paulo with, it is none other than the most fearsome Yoel Romero. Paulo’s fight with Yoel Romero is one of the greatest fights in MMA history. Paulo won that fight in a back and forth heavy exchange and cemented his legacy, that he is the next thing to be feared in the division…

About Paulo Costa’s Height

UFC lists Paulo at an impressive 6’1” (and sometimes at 6"), though UFC often adds an inch or two to their fighters height, maybe they measure height with shoes still on. Who knows? After comparing Paulo to other MMA personalities, such as Yoel Romero, Joe Rogan, we think he is closer to 5’11” actually.

The real height of Paulo Costa is 5’11.25” (181 cm)
Paulo Costa height comparison with other mma fighters
Paulo Costa with Amanda Nunes (5'8"), Yoel Romero (5'9.5"), Sean O'Malley (5'10"), Justin Gaethje (5'10"), Dominick Reyes (6'3.25") and Stefan Struve (6'11")
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