Dominick Reyes Height - Photographic Height Comparison

Dominick Reyes was first noticed when he quickly dispatched the former middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, with relative ease and won the performance of the night. Though later his real worth was known, when he fought one of the greatest of all time, Jon Jones.

Dominick gave him a fight such as Jon Jones has rarely known. He dropped Jones on his ass many times in the fight, moreover, he made Jon look vulnerable. The fight was so close that when the result of the fight came, many had reasons to believe that Dominick was robbed. Maybe he won that fight, maybe he didn’t, but one thing is certain that this dangerous looking guy is really dangerous and is championship material.

About Dominick Reyes’s Height

UFC lists Dominick Reyes at a respectful 6’4” – the same height as Jon Jones, though UFC often inflates their fighters’ height and Dominick looks just a bit shorter than Jon Jones.

The real height of Dominick Reyes is 6’3.25” (190 cm)
Dominick Reyes Height Comparison with other MMA fighters
Dominick Reyes with Amanda Nunes (5'8"), Yoel Romero (5'9.5"), Sean O'Malley (5'10"), Justin Gaethje (5'10") Paulo Costa (5'11.25"), and Stefan Struve (6'11")
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