Big Show Height - Photographic Height Comparison

Big Show isn’t the tallest ever wrestler to compete in WWE, nor the biggest (though he has been for a while), yet Big Show is something, he is his own competition – he is Big Show. Since the dawn of attitude era, Big Show has been entertaining and enthralling WWE fans all over the world, he is one of the most successful pro wrestlers of all time and the biggest.

About Big Show’s Height

Big show was built as a seven feet two-inch tall monster initially, though later they reduced him to 7 feet, they didn’t make an error, he lost some height with age, as tall or super tall people tend to do.
It is no secret that WWE exaggerates the height of their wrestlers, as was the case with another giant, Andre the Giant, as is the case with Big Show, but in his case. Though in his case he was already a true giant.
The real height of Big Show is 6’10” (209 cm)
Peak height was 7” (213 cm)
Big Show photographic height comparison
Big Show with Ronnie Coleman (5'10"), John Cena (6'0.5"), Stone Cold Steve Austin (6'1.5"), Kerri Walsh (6'3") Kane (6'7.5") and Shaquille O'Neal (7'1")

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