Tyson Fury Height - How Tall is He Really?

Tyson Fury is one of the greatest boxers of our time. He is certainly the most skilled one in the heavyweight division at present. What is more, Fury has a one of a kind personality - to his enormous advantage. His behavior is often brash, often funny, which reminds people of Muhammad Ali, and indeed Ali is Fury’s idol.

About Tyson Fury’s Real Height

Tyson Fury is very tall, he would be exceptionally tall anywhere in the world, be it the Netherlands, where the average male height is around 5’11.5” or be it South Sudan, where Dinka males have an average height of around 6’3”.

Tyson has a long, almost lanky type of body, with a relatively small head which often makes him look like some kind of a giant, but he uses his height and lankiness to his enormous advantage. He weaves in and out of his opponents’ punches and keeps adding his own with those long hands of his.

Fury has repeatedly claimed to be six feet nine inches tall, but if you carefully look and compare him with some other tall people, it would seem he is a bit shorter than that.

Tyson Fury is tall but definitely not 6’9” or even 6’8” - as fate would have it. When it came to his fight with WWE big man Braun Strowman, there was only an inch or so of height difference between them. Braun himself claims to be 6’8”. It would all fit in, it appears, except Braun isn’t 6’8” either. Then comes Tyson's matchup with Deontay Wilder, who is almost of the same height as Braun Strowman, Tyson looked at least about an inch taller than both of them most of the time.

Tyson Fury with Tyson Chandler (almost 7"), Carmelo Anthony (6'6.25"), and The Rock (6'2.5")

There is a video of Tyson Fury with Jason Momoa, where when Jason remarked on his height, Tyson again claimed to be 6’9”. Except Tyson didn’t look that tall against a 6’4” Jason, though it may be because of the heavy boots Jason was wearing.

After carefully looking and comparing Tyson Fury to Wladimir Klitschko (6’5.5”), Deontay Wilder (6’6.5”), Jason Momoa (6’4”), Braun Strowman (6’6.5”), and others, we can safely conclude that Tyson Fury is shorter than his claimed 6’9” -- but how much shorter?

The real height of Tyson Fury is 6’7.5” (202 cm)

Here is a photographic height comparison of Tyson Fury with some other tall people (Jennifer Aniston is tall at 5'5" too - if only an inch).

Tyson Fury standing with Deontay Wilder (6'6.5"), The Rock (6'2.5"), Hugh Jackman (6'1.5"), Shaquille O'Neal (7'1"), and Jennifer Aniston (5'5")
Tyson Fury with Deontay Wilder (6'6.5"), The Rock (6'2.5"), Hugh Jackman (6'1.5"), Shaquille O'Neal (7'1"), and Jennifer Aniston (5'5")

Tyson Fury is a giant anywhere in the world. Here is the average human height worldwide.
Average human height around the world
Average human height around the world