Henry Cejudo's Real Height

Henry Cejudo aka The Messenger aka Tripe C, claims to be one the greatest... oops... the greatest mixed martial artists of all time.
Let that sink in. He is not being modest, good for him, but then again he doesn't need to.
What is most astonishing about Henry's claim is that he is right, that he is certainly one of the greatest fighters of all time. Henry's defeating of T. J. Dillashaw and Demetriuos Johnson established that.
Now, Henry has a knack of saying funniest, most outrageous and cringe-st things but this time his claim is not unfounded. He is one of the greatest - a two division UFC champion and an Olympic gold medalist.

Coming to Henry's height

Henry Cejudo is a small man - nothing to take away from him. Being small doesn't mean weak, Cejudo is certainly far more stronger, faster and tougher than an average man... or woman, let's not forget Henry's aspiration of becoming the first inter-gender champion of the world... Henry has challenged women of status to face him in the octagon - he wants their belts and medals. Valentina Shevchenko and Amanda Nunes have warned him to be careful about what he wishes for...

Henry Cejudo with Joe Rogan (5'7"), Amanda Nunes (5'8") and T. J. Dillashaw (5'6")

UFC lists him at a respectable five feet four inches. After looking at him carefully for any chance of UFC's usual exaggeration (UFC is no WWE but sometimes they add a inch or two to their fighters height to make them look more intimidating - I guess), we have to agree that he is indeed five feet four inches tall.
Henry Cejudo is about two inches shorter than T. J. Dillashaw (5'6"), three inches shorter than Joe Rogan (5'7") and an inch taller than Demetrious Johnson (5'3") aka The Mighty Mouse.

The real height of Henry Cejudo is 5'4" (162 cm)
his normal weight is around 135 lb (61 kg)

Henry Cejudo height comparison with Big Show and Stefan Struve
Henry Cejudo with Big Show and Stefan Struve, both of whom are 6'11"

Henry Cejudo height comparison with Brock Lesnar and Francis Ngannou
Henry Cejudo with Brock Lesnar (6'2") and Francis Ngannou (6'4")

Henry Cejudo height comparison with, Cain Velasquez, Cody Garbrandt, Demetrious Johnson and Daniel Cormier
Henry Cejudo with Cain Velasquez (6"), Cody Garbrandt (5'7.5"), Demetrious Johnson (5'3") and Daniel Cormier (5'10")