Ronnie James Dio Height

This is your here, this is your now, let it be magical!

~ Ronnie James Dio

American heavy metal singer, Ronnie James Dio is remembered for his medieval-themed song lyrics and "devil horns" hand gesture in the metal culture, and also for founding numerous bands throughout his career, like -- Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, and Heaven & Hell.

About Ronnie James Dio's Real Height

Ronnie James Dio's height is listed as 5 feet 4 inches all over the internet. Though more reliable sources agree that he was just 5'3" in real life.

Celebrities' height is almost always exaggerated. Rockstars, pro wrestlers, and actors' height even more so. From what we have seen of Ronnie James Dio, we also think he looked closer to 5'3" than 5'4" but later in his life, he must be just 5'2" or so.

Well, even if he was, Ronnie certainly had a 7 feet tall voice.

The real height of Ronnie James Dio was

5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Ronnie James Dio posing in front of a height chart
Ronnie James Dio -- a giant in the world of metal!

If you listen to fools... The Mob Rules!

~ Ronnie James Dio