HyunA Height

When you try to do everything perfectly, it gets very tiring.

~ HyunA

Famous South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and model, Kim Hyun-ah or better known as HyunA is known for her singles such as Change, So Hot, and Why So Lonely, among many others.

About HyunA's Real Height

Height isn't such a big deal but many times it becomes so. Like when HyunA claimed to be 164 cm (almost 5'5") tall but later sheepishly admitted that she is actually 163 cm (around 5'4") tall instead and also wondered why people are making it such a big deal.

Here is what HyunA herself said about her height:

Sohyun and I have a difference in height of 4 cm.

Though Sohyun's profile her height is listed as only 162 cm, which means they have only a 2 cm difference.

HyunA then confessed:

Sohyun's real height is actually 159 cm, while I am 162.8 cm.

She then went on to explain how "We didn't lie about our heights on purpose. We're sorry that we weren't truthful to our fans." I can't imagine anybody thinks this is actually a big deal, right?"

If it wasn't a big deal why did she lied about it? Perhaps she could have been lying this time as well? Because from what we and many have seen of HyunA, we think her true height seems even lower. Her weight is 43.1 kg (95 lb).

The height of HyunA is

5'3" (160 cm)

HyunA mugshot

Honestly, I don't think I'm exceptionally pretty or talented. But the advantage I have is that the performances I do can only be done by me.

~ HyunA