Rock Hudson Height

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One of the most popular movie stars of his time, Rock Hudson was a prominent heartthrob in the Golden Age of Hollywood, he is known for his work in movies such as “Magnificent Obsession”, “All That Heaven Allows”, “Giant”, “Pillow Talk”, and many others.

About Rock Hudson's Real Height

Rock Hudson was super tall, especially for his time.

Born in 1925, he would have been around 9 inches above the average height of men in the US in 1945 when he would have been a young man of 20 years. By today’s equivalent, he would be at least 6 feet 6½ inches tall.

This might spell problem for leading actors -- nearly all modern lead actors are short -- Tom Holland, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. -- to name a few.

In the book Rock Hudson: his story, the author writes:

Jack [Scalia] started calling Rock 'the big guy,' and the writers used it in the scripts. Jack says he's sure Rock was not 6 feet 4 inches tall, as he has always stated, but six-six. "I'm six-one, and Rock dwarfed me. I've stood next to a lot of tall guys, and Rock was not six-four.

Rock Hudson has been described as anywhere from 6 feet 3½ inches tall to 6’6” in newspapers and websites.

We took a careful look at him and compared his height to that of people like Ronald Reagan (6'½"), Jack Scalia (6’½”) Michale Caine (6’2”), Clint Eastwood (6’3½”), and now we think that Rock Hudson's real height might very well have been 6 feet 5 inches.

The real height of Rock Hudson was

6 ft 5 in (195.5 cm)

Rock Hudson standing with Audie Murphy, and Clint Eastwood
Big Rock Hudson standing with war hero Audie Murphy (5 ft 6½ in), and Clint Eastwood (6 ft 3½ in)

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