Nina Derwael Height

Famous Belgian-Canadian gymnast, Nina Derwael is considered too tall for her sports. People are probably interested in her height because she looks so much taller than her fellow gymnasts.

Many websites, including Wikipedia, list Nina's height as 5 feet 7 inches.

Though some other sources put Nina's real height at 5’5”. But based on what we have seen of Nina (like with a 4'8" Simone Biles), we think she must be taller than 5'5". We think even her body proportions suggest a woman of 5'6" stature.

In short, we think Nina Derwael's real height is closer to 5'6" than any other number. which is still kind of tall for a woman in the sport of artistic gymnastics.

Nina once mentioned that her height has its advantages and disadvantages.

As a tall gymnast on the uneven bars, she is more likely to hit the bar with her feet which is half a point deduction. However, it makes gymnastics more elegant to watch.

She also added that her height makes it easy for her to swing from one bar to another.

Some other very tall gymnasts are Kylie Dickson (5 ft 6 in).  Germany's Marie-Sophie Hindermann is the tallest gymnast that has ever competed at the Olympics, she stands tall too tall at 5 ft 9 in.

The real height of Nina Derwael is

5 ft 5½ (166 cm)

Nina Derwael mugshot
Nina Derwael: Tall for a gymnast [Note: this picture shows Nina as 5'7" tall which is probably incorrect.]

Nina Derwael on the uneven bars.

We understand each other. I can truly “feel” it when the bars want me to release, or re-grasp, like a flowing movement. I feel as if I am “one” with the bars and know precisely where and when to let go or hold on just a moment longer. I truly work together with the uneven bars, in unison!