Katherine Timpf Height

I know that money is precious - but, at least to me, laughter and expression are even more so.

American television personality, reporter, and comedian, Katherine Timpf is perhaps best known for being a cast member on Fox News Channel's Gutfeld! She is also one of the most-watched female late-night comedians in the United States.

About Katherine Timpf's Real Height

For some reason Google and most websites on the internet list Katherine Timpf’s height either as 5 feet 6 inches or 5’7” and that’s one of the reasons not trust them because Katherine's real height is nowhere near that number.

She looks tall when sitting down but she is a bit below the average height of women in the US. We know this for sure because Katherine herself once mentioned her height on Twitter as 5’3”.

The real height of Katherine Timpf is

5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Katherine Timpf standing with Cardi B and Amy Schumer
Katherine Timpf standing with Cardi B (5 ft 1 in) and Amy Schumer (5 ft 7 in)

Katherine Timpf is an insightful woman, here are some of her quotes

On having lexical-gustatory synesthesia.

I have lexical-gustatory synesthesia. I can taste and always have tasted words. I remember when I was a kid and learning to read I mentioned to my mom that certain words I was learning tasted certain ways, thinking everyone was like that and didn't understand why she didn't get what I was saying.

[She is not joking here]

To be an Instagram model.

To be an Instagram model, you absolutely cannot just post pictures of yourself in a bikini for the sake of people seeing you in a bikini - even if that is exactly what you are doing. No, you need to caption these photos with an inspirational quote so that people will know that you are not just a butt, you're a gosh dang philosopher.

US and its law enforcement.

The United States of America is supposed to be a free country, and its law enforcement is supposed to exist to protect and serve its citizens.

The truth of the matter.

The truth of the matter is, 'uncomfortable' does not equal 'unsafe,' and 'disagreement' does not equal 'danger.'

The law can lead to an abuse of power.

I will never, ever support a law that could clearly lead to an abuse of power just because of some lip service assuring me that it won't be used that way. To me, that's not enough.

Burning the American flag.

Is burning an American flag a disgusting, reprehensible act? Yes, it absolutely is, and I would tell that to the face of absolutely anyone who has done so.

On her life.

I've lived a passionate life.

The land of opportunities.

I know it can be difficult to try and achieve your dreams when you don't have the same advantages as some other people may have, but this is a country full of opportunities where amazing things can happen if you are willing to hustle and be smart about it.

On sacrifices.

Many people have made sacrifices to continue their education, or to allow their children to continue theirs. Others have made sacrifices by taking a path that didn't include continuing, because they could not afford to do so. None of these are things that could ever be replaced with cash.

On sentencing enhancement.

The reality is, punishing people by using a sentencing enhancement that was clearly intended to punish people who had been doing something far worse is, by definition, a miscarriage of justice.

On cancel culture.

Perhaps the most common argument against the advocates of cancel culture is that they're lame and uncreative - and I think they generally are.

The freedom to criticize the government.

Our freedom to criticize the government - as openly and brutally as we want to - serves as a vital check against unbridled government power and control.

Good people at...

I think there are no good people at a white supremacist rally, and apparently, that's just a real controversial take.

On the price of education.

There is value in education, but, as we do with anything else, we should start being careful to weigh that value with the price tag that's attached to it.