Pharrell Williams Height

It's not possible to experience constant euphoria, but if you're grateful, you can find happiness in everything.

American rapper, Pharrell Williams is known for his songs such as Happy, She Wants to Move, Blurred Lines, Frontin', etc.

About Pharrell Williams' Real and Undisputed Height

Google lists Pharrell Williams's height as 5 feet 9 inches. This appears to be more or less the case in reality as well (many times that is not the case with 'Google heights').

We took a careful look at Mr. Williams and compared his height to some other 5'8" people like Ed Sheeran, Kanye West, Ludacris, Ryan Seacrest (5'7½" actually), etc, and now think that Mr. Williams edges them out -- but not by much.

This makes Pharrell Williams just a bit shorter than his 'official' height.

Though Pharrell's wife Helen Lasichanh is huge, from what we have seen of her, she appears to be around 5 feet 10 inches tall -- enough to dwarf her own husband.

The real height of Pharrell Williams is

5 ft 8½ in (174 cm)

Pharrell Williams standing with Cardi B and wife Helen Lasichanh
Pharrell Williams standing with Cardi B (5'1") and his wife Helen Lasichanh (around 5'10"), who is looking even bigger here because of her heels

Pharrell Williams is very intelligent as evident by quotes like these.

The best feeling in the world according to Pharrell Williams.

There's no better feeling than just going in and just working with someone and what comes out is something that the world knows about.

Good environment.

I love when things are transparent, free, and clear of all inhibition and judgment.

Being thankful.

I'm just very thankful. And I say that a lot because that's the most important message.

What does entrepreneur mean?

'Entrepreneur 'just denotes that you recognize that you're doing things across disciplines and that you're blazing your own path.

Going by the gut.

Most of the time, I see what I see, I search my feelings, and then I make my decisions based on my gut - and I don't always make the right ones.

Creating new things.

Some people say there's nothing new under the sun. I still think that there's room to create, you know. And intuition doesn't necessarily come from under this sun. It comes from within.

What is real happiness?

Happiness is not about the trophy or the finish line. It's the journey. If you enjoy your journey, you can enjoy your life.

Waiting vs. making.

Don't wait for the stars to align, reach up and rearrange them the way you want...create your own constellation.

On fashion.

Fashion is more about feeling than science.

On creativity.

Stay loyal to your creativity because it's a gift.

You are unique.

You are one of one. None before and none to come. That what makes you different makes you beautiful.

How to do great things.

In order to do great things, you must be unafraid to recreate yourself. You can't do that holding on to the glory from yesterday.

How to get clear results?

Clear intentions and clear purpose beget clear results.

Creating a key for a door.

There's a key for every door, and if you can't find it, you can make one. That's always an option.

On real wealth.

Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.

On dressing up.

It's not what you're wearing, it's the way you wear it.

Creating your own life.

There are no mistakes or accidents. The present is malleable. Influence the odds. Free will is your pen, write your life.

On learning.

If you're not learning, you're wasting your time.

Everything is possible.

Whatever you want to do is more than possible. It’s what you haven’t dreamt of yet that will blow your mind.

The best kind of work.

The best work comes from people who are motivated by a crisis. When something stops their original idea, they respond by coming up with something even better.