Sonu Sood Height

If I can’t give back to society, then this isn’t the good life I am leading.

Famous Indian actor, Sonu Sood is known for many things -- his height is certainly one of them.

We can understand if you don't think he is that tall -- he certainly isn't if seen from a western perspective. But the average height in India is below the average of the world -- for men, it is just 5'5.5" So Sonu definitely looks very big over there.

We aren't hundred percent sure about this, but Sonu once claimed to be 6 feet 2 inches tall. After taking a careful look at him and comparing his height to a few other actors, we think Sonu is correct about his height -- which is a rare thing, most people in the entertainment biz get their heights wrong all the time -- they usually overstate it by a couple inches.

Here is how Sonu compares with other similar-sized actors:

Around 3 inches taller than John Abraham (5'11"), an inch taller than Prabhas (6'1"), half an inch taller than Abhishek Bachchan (6'1"), and around half an inch shorter than Rana Daggubati (6'2") and

So all in all, Sonu Sood is just as tall as Amitabh Bachchan was in his prime. Coincidence? Well, Sonu also looks quite a lot like a younger Amitabh Bachchan, so there is that as well...

The real height of Sonu Sood is

6'2" or 188 cm

Sonu Sood standing with Salman Khan and Nikitin Dheer
Sonu Sood with lil Salman Khan (5'7" bu barely), and big Nikitin Dheer (6'4")

Sonu Sood seems like a blessed soul. Here are a few of his amazing quotes.

Sonu on his parents.

My mother always says that you are successful only when you are capable of helping somebody. So I feel whatever I could do I could do only with the blessings of my parents.

Sonu Sood on his biggest regret.

My biggest regret is that there are only 24 hours in a day. I wish there were at least a few more hours. Each hour of me being awake means I can help a few more migrants who are stranded and are desperate to reach home.

Sonu Sood on six-pack abs.

A six-pack is not a big deal… You need to work on your entire body and concentrate on other parts too, to get a fab physique.

Sonu Sood on what makes a great physique.

A great physique and a good performance make for a delicious combination.

Sonu Sood on fitness.

I think fitness and doing gym should be like brushing my teeth every day in the morning as it should come automatically without any excuse.

Sonu Sood on health.

There is nothing more valuable than health.

Sonu Sood on soldiers.

I feel that our country’s real heroes are our brave soldiers who leave their families to protect our land.

Sonu Sood on his co-workers.

No matter whom I’ve worked with, they’ve always created a great bond with me.

Sonu Sood on doing his best.

All I can say is that I will always try my best to work on the expectations that people have of me.

Sonu Sood on expressing grief on social media.

I always believe that expressing grief on social media isn’t enough, it is very important to take some action.

Sonu Sood on hard work.

Hard work has no alternative.

Sonu Sood on his hard work.

I have achieved everything with my immense hard work and zeal to succeed.