Nick Simmons Height

I put my heart and soul into my book - great story and awesome characters... yet people are trying to pull me down.

American writer, musician, and reality television personality, Nick Simmons is perhaps best known for starring in the A&E reality television series "Gene Simmons Family Jewels".

Nick Simmons is also known for his height. Actually, he comes from a good-sized family -- we mean physically -- everyone in his family is big-bodied, like his father musician Gene Simmons (6'1"), his sister Sophie Simmons (nearly 5'8"), or his mother Shannon Tweed (5'10"), But it is Nick who is the real giant in the family.

Google, Wikipedia, Gene Simmons, and Nick Simmons himself all agree that he is 6 feet 8 inches tall. From what we have seen of Nick, we think he does look that big.

The height of Nick Simmons is

6'8" or 203 cm

Nick Simmons with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland
Nick Simmons with Chris Hemsworth (6'3"), and Tom Holland (5'7")

Here is some more Nick Simmons quotes:

Nick Simmons on greatness in the family.

They say greatness skips a generation, but I think that's because the generation before helps too much.

Nick Simmons on his artwork being stolen.

If you steal my artwork, you will pay. In cash.

Nick Simmons on stealing others' artwork.

I did not steal other people's work! I may have appropriated some styles, but I did not steal. My work is full... of homages to everyone in my medium - not theft!